13 Huge Turn-Off For Women You Should Avoid.

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A turn-off is a boring and annoying attitude most men exhibit without knowing, and no girl would want to have dinner with one.

I used to be one though, but i got out as fast as i can. now i’m called the confident blogger (winks).

I’ve had fun with a lot of women, and it was never difficult to say. It’s one of the best things I enjoyed doing.

OK? Enough with the bragging, I did a great work before I could achieve that, I didn’t learn that by trial and errors, I learned them by reading blog posts as much as I can.
In fact, before then, I wasn’t lucky with women.

A girl once told me to start paying more attention and stop screwing things up. Gentle me got angry and asked why would she say that, all I got was an unfriendly wave. The get the hell out of here kind.

Dumb me never knew what she meant, and I’ll make it look more effortless for you, she wanted me to take her down to my apartment and make her scream quite loud during the….. You know what I’m trying to say (tongue out)
But I was just an annoying nice guy that knows nothing like Jon snow.

Technically that was my look when she said that.

Well, I began to ask questions, and it became more apparent to me that indeed, I was a big-time cold fish on women matters.
I wasn’t making things easy for myself because everything I did was a turn-off to the ladies.

Now here’s the gist, I wouldn’t want you to suffer as I did, so I’ll be telling things you shouldn’t do around women to avoid being known as a turn-off
Hang around and let’s ride.

13 turn-offs for women

1. Hi there, Mr. Nice Guy.

turn-off: girl rejecting a boring guy's flowers

Honestly, this is a part we seriously need to address; guys have made lots of mistakes here.

Creating a pleasant atmosphere of love and kindness around a woman is a beautiful thing to do, no doubt. But the act of an excess in that which she’s fantasizes but little, might make the whole thing turn boring.

And that could get in the way by thwarting the lovely atmosphere of you’ve spent your whole time creating, making you feel bad and heartbroken.
Research says women like nice guys, but they seem to find the too nice ones boring.

A perfect date and a pleasant personality could do for a woman that wants to commit to a relationship.
But when you resort to finding perfect dates venues, regularly buying gifts, flowers, leaving numerous texts, and begging her to pick your calls always and every time is quite disturbing and a significant turn-off to them.

Remember she doesn’t want a baby sitter, she wants a boyfriend. Women need a man that acts like he’s in control, they want a man they can follow, someone that should get pissed if she pisses you off, not wallowing under her bosom acting all nice and content with whatever attitude she portrays whether good or bad.

More importantly, they can know when a guy is an alpha or omega, trust me no one wants to date an omega.
Read also how to become an alpha male in your relationship

Quit meeting at that that restaurant every time, order the pizza and invite her over, if she likes.

She might have waited a long while for that.

2. Always Talking About YOU

Feeling good about yourself is great. It boosts your self-esteem and confidence and makes you appear sexy.
That is indeed a good thing, but keep it on a low and not brag about it.

You’ve got a great sense of humor and a charming smile, let her notice it herself.
Talk about her mostly, her looks, what she loves doing etc. and be very good at paying attention they love that very well.

3. The Too Shy

Actually, I could believe you’re a shy guy, girls like shy guys sometimes but how long do you think she’ll wait for you to spill it and tell her how you feel about her.
Well, if she likes you dearly, she might consider waiting but let’s hope she is the patient type because if she’s not, that could be a red flag as there are tons of guys who might be competing on that little tournament.

Are you scared to tell her that you love her and wants to date her? Are you too afraid to kiss her even when she’s eagerly yearning for it?
This shouldn’t be a big deal, read here, and you’re perfect to go.

4. The Fake

Hope you’ve not told her you dated Donald trump’s daughter when that’s not the truth. Or you say things beyond your capability because you’re trying to impress her?
It isn’t nice to be labeled fake. Moreover, you can’t fake it for long if you must know, and a phony relationship lasts like the spark of a matchstick.

Be real to the ground, don’t bother if she might like who you are, because any lady that doesn’t like the real you don’t deserve you.
Someone somewhere could be patiently waiting for a guy like you. So how will you know if you’ve met that person if all you do is act fake? Give it a thought and realize it’s for the best.

5. The Unkempt

Make it an effort to look good and appear decent. Every girl wants a guy she can proudly tell her friends she likes or has a crush and she would love that guy never to disappoint.
Wearing a cloth that stinks like an armpit is a NO, well unless she’s seen you working very hard in the gym or you’ve been doing some heavy work that could excuse that.

But if she has noticed you always stink whenever you come around her, that is a huge turn-off.
Make your hair look attractive, use deodorants and mouth wash to rid bad odors and breath.

Ensure you look your best most of the time because you never know if you’ll be bumping into her right away.

6. The I Know It All Kind of Guy

Don’t be that guy that feels since he knows a lot; every other person is inferior before his knowledge.

It’s a great thing you know your job and is quite good at it, even beyond your colleagues. But don’t upset the pleasant atmosphere talking and yapping about your achievements, skills, how high you rank above the rest, and a great girl getter you are.

If she wanted to hear it, she would kindly ask. It’s a turn-off to women when you show such signs of low self-esteem.

7. The Arrogant

As if that’s not enough, you make her feel like you’re doing her a favor by being there. Women dislike arrogance, and when you show that, it’s a massive turn-off to them, and if they had a little affinity for you, believe me, she might lose it there.

Make her feel like you appreciate every moment you shared with her, and you might be setting another romantic date for yourself without knowing it.

8. The Promise and Fail

Did you promise to call her and you eventually didn’t? Or you arranged a date but didn’t show up or canceled it for no good reason?
It is also a turn-off for the ladies as they expect you to be a man and respect your words too. If you can’t keep up, it’ll be better to adjust a little till you are up and kicking to follow till the end.

9. The Lukewarm (Neither Hot nor Cold)

Do you call today sounding so lovely, romantic and sweet? But wouldn’t call again for a whole week?
And coming back the week after full of apologies and dashing off again a whole month like Usain Bolt. She’ll get tired and move on.

The first time a lady meets with you, she’s getting to know you and if possible, beginning to like you, but when you are neither green nor black, she wouldn’t want to bank on that.
So be steadier and thank me later.

10. Initiating Sex on the First Day

turn-off: girl turned off by a guy asking her for sex on the first date.

Many guys do this and succeed, more reasons you should pay close attention to her body language.
If she wants sex, you’ll eventually know, but hoping and expecting to have that experience on a first date, needs to be considered carefully.

To her, she could be getting to know you and wouldn’t want any sexual affection yet. But taking it a bit far and trying almost everything to see if you could get into her pants could make her feel that’s all you ever wanted from her. And that is indeed a significant turn-off

11. Making Her Pay on the First Date

turn-off: girl disappointed because a guy made her pay on the first date

Wait. What! tell me it was a credit card failure. Oh, you should have come with cash.
Well, shit happens.

Now if it wasn’t a mistake, don’t deliberately make her pay for dinner on the first day it’s a turn-off. If you think the restaurant is quite expensive, there could be others with a little expense that still got tasty recipes on the menu.

She’ll love and appreciate you for that even if she’s capable of paying.

12. The Boring Guy

turn-off: woman turned off due to a guy's boring conversion
Couple Talking at a Cafe

A lively conversation is always acceptable. keeping up with the smooth flows can make her spend longer talk time with you.

Remember you’re not reciting some website terms and conditions, lighten up and make the atmosphere fun with interesting talks.

13. Admiring Other Ladies in Her Presence.

When you gaze at every gorgeous woman that passes, is a turn-off and she won’t find it pleasing. No matter how the woman looks, pretend you didn’t see her and smile all the way and make her feel she’s all you want. you could be doing yourself a huge favor by that little test you passed.

So, if you’re getting rejected easily or having issues in your relationship and these are part of the reasons, do well to make amends. To enjoy a happy relationship again.

Best of luck and don’t forget to tell us how you did.

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