How To Become An Alpha Male in Your Relationship

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confident alpha male

Who’s an Alpha male? and here’s what you need to become one.

We specialized this specifically for the guys.

You know it wouldn’t be wrong to see guys happy and blooming in their relationships.

We’ve always wanted to give something to the brothers, an important piece that’ll make you change your stance about women.

A piece that’ll enlighten you on what they want in a man and not what you think they want.

Are you single? Or in relationships? 

You need this piece to keep your relationship alive and to get that girl you like if you’re single.

Honestly, there are several things a woman wants her man to do and be, but will never tell him.  Or what that girl you like, will like to see you in you and would hurriedly fall at your feet if you can possess such quality.

Are you tired of losing any girl you come across?

Or you believe there’s something you aren’t doing right?

Come on and take this ride with me let’s get you to the better side.

Who’s an Alpha Male?

Let’s get to know an alpha male.

An Alpha male is a man that controls his relationship. he is in charge, lives his life and never let anyone control or dominate him.

Women love his physical dominance and can’t wait to have a man like him.

You now wonder why, YOU, been kind and handsome gets left out on ladies.

Read below and see what you’re not doing.

1. Like Alpha Males Have The Guts.

bold alpha male in suit

Alpha males don’t care if you like them or not. They live their life and do what they want when they feel.

They don’t seek permission from their girl in doing everything.

You can’t ride an alpha male to any direction you want; he decides if he wants to be ridden or not. 

They possess this manly powers that weak men don’t.  They have the guts to stand up to their fears.

Women, in general, fall over hills for a man like that. They can’t stop thinking about him; it’s just a normal brain chemistry thing.

So when these type of guys walk up to them ladies, their physical attraction and charms are what the ladies can’t resist. They believe having a man like that completes them.

As a guy have the guts like an alpha male to do things your way, and you’ll reach a nice peak with it.

2. Have a life.

alpha male proud of himself

Have a means of livelihood and be proud of it.

When in a relationship don’t let your spouse pay the bills all the time.

Otherwise, she might be putting up some attitude you might not find pleasing.

Not all girls do that anyway, but don’t you think a girl will respect you more when you have money to spend than when she does the spending for you.

Some guys, maybe due to some situations don’t have the means to make enough money yet.

But it’ll be better to have some potentials that’ll make her stick to you whatsoever.

You should have a dream and a determination to pursue it.  Let that drive you and let her see the drive you have in yourself to succeed.

This kind of guy can still have a woman of his choice because he believes in what he can achieve and isn’t scared to pursue it. So, therefore, he has a life, and with time through perseverance, he will succeed.

But don’t be that guy that isn’t working nor have the zeal to pursue your dreams. It might be a bit difficult to find a good woman that’ll want to settle with that.

So love and live your life showing her you’re so proud of it, that’ll go a long way.

3. Don’t say yes to everything.

bold guy saying no to a cheap request

Alpha males don’t give in easily.  Have your limits, don’t yield to her demands always even if you can foot it at that moment. Get brave and take charge. Note am not implying you go stingy, LOL.

But make her know she can’t have whatever she wants anytime she wants it.

This habit will not push her away but will make her respect you because in mind you’re becoming a man. 

If you’re after a girl you like and she wants this and wants that, and you think that doing whatever she likes, might make her love you eventually?

That’s so not a good thing to believe because most of them will demand to their fill and eventually friend zone you.  Because she thinks you’re one of those, she finds useful when she needs something. And that is what an alpha male can never do.

When I was younger, my dad didn’t give me everything I wanted not that he couldn’t, but he was smart enough not to. And that made me respect him. Not just me, but my sisters too.

So if you want respect like that, act like a man and don’t care even if she’s angry at the moment.  She’ll begin to admire you even more.

Moreover, your attitude when you have everything isn’t the same when you don’t.

4. Lead don’t follow.

confident guy leading his woman

Alpha males lead, they don’t follow, be the leader of the relationship, unlike most guys who allow their girls to always be in charge.  They want her to choose always where they’ll go for dinner, party, games and so on.

Some even let her choose their workplace. You now become some weakling she orders around all because you don’t want to lose her.

She’ll eventually get bored and dump you for someone with stable characteristics.

Not that you shouldn’t be romantic at times and let her choose, but don’t do it always.

Real men don’t take orders from women; they get aggressive when she tries to show such controlling tantrums and would never let her do it.

One guy wrote to me and complained of her girl not caring or making little requests of his. whereas he does” whatever the girl wants. “

But, that was all I got from the message. Because he caused the issue for himself, it’s now clear to her that nothing will stop the dude from doing what she wants, even if she refused doing his.

And that’s what he said.

Look around and see that men like that get easily dumped.

5. Be bold and confident.

bold guy talking to a girl

A confident guy is one that knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it.

He doesn’t lose guts when he sees that beautiful girl everybody is talking.  He’s bold enough to approach her, and in little or no time she’ll eventually accept him.

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Leaves you wondering what he did and how he did it. He didn’t do anything you couldn’t you know?

He only let his confidence do it for him.

Some guys might summon courage, but the real deal isn’t there to carry the latter out. and that is CONFIDENCE

Some might meet a lady, and appears shaky throughout the whole convo, carefully selecting their words to avoid saying anything she might not like.

He’ll sit there and act like a kid who’s been interrogated by the FBI. 

To her, you’re just a random guy but with little morale

She might keep you, you know, for some nice things in the future, after all, that’s what you are probably good for.

Then maybe when the alpha male boyfriend upsets her, she now uses you as a “crying shoulder.” While she works towards getting her boyfriend back and ditch you again the moment they settle.

All this lies to your lack of confidence at first to make her see reasons for having you.

Be bold bro; it’s time to take charge and get that girl you want. Don’t settle for less because you lack confidence, remember it’s free.

6. Be adventurous.

adventurous alpha male

Adventure has a lot to say when in a relationship. It is but one unique thing that quickly makes a guy evergreen in a girls mind.

A girl might have been in a relationship, but there’s this particular guy she can’t stop thinking of. That’s why most girls sometimes might be in a real relationship and still end up going back to their ex.

It might be due to his wild adventures. Women want a guy that can sweep them off their feet.

The kind of guy that doesn’t mind skipping work without permission to take her on a horse ride on her birthday.

A guy that can make romance so irresistible even in the most awkward of places.

A very close friend of mine once took a girl on a car tour ride. The type of tour wasn’t a girl’s thing, so she found it kinda dull.

So at the end of the event, the guy excused himself for some minutes. And one fine looking man came up to her and asked for a picture.

The girl just being polite agreed, and after she had left with her guy later that day.

The next morning, her bestie called and asked her what she was doing on the front cover of Glover’s magazine (Glover’s one of the leading multinational company’s magazines.)

Did I mention that one of the girl’s greatest desires was to rock the front page of a multimillion magazine?

Shockingly she logged in and saw the picture she took at that tour event.

Unknown to her, the boyfriend was a significant shareholder in the company. He found out for himself those things his girl desired most and decided to make it a surprise for her.

Such a guy is one a girl rarely forgets.

The guy that causes the heart pumping, jaw-dropping and overwhelming fantasies. So why not have a little adventure to your name. Moreover, you have nothing to lose but a girl that’ll be crazy about you.

7. Be Independent.

independent alpha male

An alpha male doesn’t like depending on people for his survival. He takes charge of his responsibilities; he finds a way on his own to get out of a critical situation.

He has the mind and courage to leave his parents and find his part.

Even when they try to find a way they believe I’d be fit for him, he chooses to find his way and follow his part.

He undergoes life tests, fails and still rises to become a fully independent man he dreams of being.

Such power and will are what the ladies want, and a guy that has such quality in him and the courage to pursue it is what every woman dreams of having.

8. Be disciplined.

disciplined man reading

Keep your head up, do that thing you said you would and do it well. Even if you fail, don’t give up, keep pushing until you get it right.

Take whatever you’re doing seriously as your life depends on it. Manage your business like that’s all you got.

Love your girl like she all you got, focus on your work with all seriousness and zeal. When facing a challenge do it courageously with determination to conquer.

Spoil her with gifts and beautiful things but do it maturely, have self-control, Show her that maturity and watch out what follows it.

Be a man of your words and honor what you say, do all this and watch out how she’ll respect and desire you more than anything.

She’ll be careful not to lose you because a man like you is rare and priceless.

Above all, do it for yourself and be happy with who you are and what you’ve achieved no matter how little they are. This will enable a beautiful and awesome life experience.

I guess this could do it for you, careful though when applying this principle so that it wouldn’t appear like you’re being rude or mean.

But gradual practices can get you there as you begin to enjoy not only your relationship but life in general.

Best of luck.

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