Cheating Girlfriend What You Need To Know

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cheating girlfriend making a secret call

Cheating is indeed heartbreaking when you noticed your spouse is guilty.

And being logical, feeling insecure is one thing most, if not all guys have experienced once in their relationship.

It creates panic, and you begin to wonder if you should trust your instincts or to wave it off, believing she’ll never consider cheating on you.

Though it’s good to trust your girlfriend, once she starts displaying some questioning attitudes, you then need to watch out and know what’s going on.

Here, we’ll be looking at possible signs that your girlfriend is cheating and how to do the needful.

Signs Your Girlfriend is cheating on you.

1. She cares but seldom.

cheating girlfriend bored with her man

Girls care a lot for their boyfriends. She’s concerned about your upkeep, diet, your type of clothes, friends, family, career, etc.

She’ll want to know how you’re doing; she’ll occasionally visit and spend time with you. She might probably move in with you, and ensure you are comfortable being with her.

But a situation whereby these things isn’t there anymore, she barely noticed your new haircut like she used to.

Nor does she know anything that is going on at your workplace? She suddenly becomes nonchalant and gives her attention to irrelevance.

Concerning events related to you like birthdays, anniversaries, festivities, etc. you might be surprised she isn’t showing up.

Even when she does, it won’t be for long. Or might be utterly uncomfortable throughout the event.

2. She Gives Excuses.

cheating girlfriend gives excuses

Whenever you guys are supposed to meet, she gives excuses on how she forgot, that she’s so sorry and is willing to make it up to you next time.

Really? Are you making up? Are you my girlfriend or some random chick?

Questions like that storm your mind and you wonder what the heck is going on. The new dude might be somewhere around bro, and she probably doesn’t want him seeing you both.

Or it could be, she already drafted plans with him for the day, and can’t let you jeopardize it.

A cheating girlfriend is always cautious of her environment, and wouldn’t want you knowing her next move and what’s going on around her.

If you insist, she might get upset. You decide to adjourn the meeting on Saturday; she says she’ll probably have a headache on that day.


Bro, isn’t it obvious that she’s cheating already? What more is there to see?

3. She Doesn’t Call or Text Back.

cheating girlfriend don't want her boyfriend calling again

Has it been days or weeks your phone rang, and she’s the one calling? Have you been the one doing the calls yourself without her reciprocating?

Have you noticed the calls are now becoming boring? And she doesn’t sound happy talking with you anymore?

Dude, we both know you don’t have a dog’s voice, so what’s her problem.

Does she says she’ll call back but wouldn’t eventually? Or whenever you call, she wouldn’t pick. Blaming it on being busy or not on her phone.

This implies you need to sit her down and get her talking already. Your girlfriend should always be willing to hear your voice when you call, and returning your text is but what she’ll gladly do whenever she gets the chance.

But, if your girl isn’t this kind, its time you both talked about it.

4. She Blows Hot and Cold.

This moment, she’s all into you like you’re all she’s got, and how she can’t afford to lose you. Then all of a sudden the already confessed undying love gradually begins to die.

She distances herself and wouldn’t want anything to do with you at the moment. Then the next moment it’s all you again like nothing happened before.

This might continue for a while until you eventually lose her to your rival. It’s time to get up bro and take the bull by the horn.

5. She Stops Being Jealous.

Girls are generally jealous when they see their man with another girl. Even when they don’t know her, they’ll dig and ensure that their man isn’t cheating.

But when she saw you with a flock of girls and didn’t bother an inch to ask questions? Then there’s something you got to watch out for.

Did the pretty new girl in the neighborhood took a sudden interest in you? And wants to treat you to dinner and your spouse didn’t give a fuss about it?

This means that someone has a lot of assignment to complete, and I would suggest you get on with it while there’s still time.

6. She Doesn’t Want Sex Anymore.

She finds reasons to exempt herself from sex.

Even when you try putting her in the mood, she won’t respond the way she’s used to, making you understand that she’s gradually losing it.

A girl that loves and wants you will be happy to enjoy sex with you. She’ll want to please you so that you won’t have a reason to find it elsewhere

Though sometimes, this might not be a cheating case, it could be that you’ve probably lost the magic touch you once had when it comes to sex.

It is making her bored with the same thing old thing. That’s why it’s necessary to learn different sex techniques to be able to satisfy your partner sexually.

But a situation whereby the former isn’t the case? It then means that girl is probably unto something else.

And you need to be very careful here bro because when it gets to this part, the possibility of her leaving you is already on the brim.

7. She Acts Up When You Confront Her.

cheating girlfriend angry at her boyfriend

Maybe when you confront her and seek for answers, she acts rude and wouldn’t want to have such conversation with you. Telling you all is excellent and there’s no issue whatsoever.

Whereas there’s more to it.

I once remember a guy that walked up to the girlfriend that’s been acting strange for days and asked what’s going on with her, the girl refused talking, said she needs time to process herself.

He persuaded, she got angry and told him she was tired of the relationship already.

That she’s only staying due to the rent she partly paid and is leaving the moment she finds a better apartment.

That’s a rude way to talk to a boyfriend if I am not mistaken, and it left the guy in total dismay.

Well, I wouldn’t say yours might behave this way, but I think she has been showing him lots of signs beforehand, but the guy didn’t see it.

Well, I know no guy would like such experience. But once your girl acts up when you confront her? She might not say she’s cheating, but she gets angry, flares up and acts all strange telling you to better leave her out of it.

Then, you don’t need a prophet to tell you something is going on.

8. She Hides her Phone.

Image result for girl hiding her phone from her boyfriend

Now even if you’re not conversant with the rest, am pretty sure this shouldn’t be difficult to notice that she wouldn’t want you going through her texts messages, social media chats e. t. c.

A relationship is usually bound by trust above all, so it shouldn’t be a bad idea knowing her kind of friends, nor going through her phone.

But now she doesn’t want you doing it without her consent. Sometimes, when she’s on call, she talks like a secret CIA agent, and won’t answer most of them in your presence.

And sometimes, you bump into her making calls she hangs up almost immediately

Let’s spare the grace and call a spade a spade something is going on and need figuring out.

9. She hates it when you pay surprise visits.

Here is another one.

She doesn’t like it that you come without telling her beforehand.

You now wonder whether you should start leaving emails for that one too. She acts off, like some fly buzzed in the house with you.

This lingers for as long as you stay and her best wish at that moment will be if you could kindly find the door and hit the street again so she’ll be a bit more relaxed, who knows if your rival is actually on the way.

This sort of situation where your girl doesn’t feel comfortable all the time when you visit surprisingly, it’s something worth watching out for

I remember my childhood friend, Chris, telling me how he noticed something unusual about the girlfriend and decided to pay her a surprise visit.

On getting there, she saw him and almost gasped looking like a rat caught in a trap.

Chris was suspecting her look, rushed inside the house. To his utmost surprise he saw two men hurriedly putting on their pants, did I mention that the girl was only putting on a night robe.

So if she’s cheating, she wouldn’t want you to come unannounced.

Because she has a lot of things planned out and you might not be on the lucky list.

10. Lastly.

The bond you guys share reduces significantly. She no longer fancies you like she used to. You’re now, but management till the next line of action is completely assured.

She can proudly tell someone now that the relationship is complicated and wouldn’t mind bearing the tag “single and searching.”

Funny she might still act like your girlfriend once in a while but she’s already losing her interests, and it won’t take time until she manifests it fully.

Now if she portrays almost everything here, then you need to act fast



Call her and talk to her, remind her how you both met.

Try and make her remember the promises you guys made to each other, how you’ll love her till you stopped breathing. That’s if you made such promise.

Ask her to tell you what the problem might be, that you’re ready to listen, tell her you still love her more than she can imagine, and will do anything within your power to make her happy.

If there’s still love in her heart, she’ll listen and amend. But if she doesn’t, bro it’s time to move on to another and be happy for her.

Love is everywhere, and I believe if she says no, another will say yes. Best of luck.

It’s still that that guy Trem, remember we’re always here ensuring you have the best relationship advice.

Together we can make love go round.

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