Heartbreak; How to overcome.

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How to overcome heartbreak.

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Heartbreak can be so humiliating, depressing and nerve-wracking. Now, my early university days i would say was a wonderful one I had loads of fun, met girls, welcomed friends with open arms, played games and was socially active.But something was missing, I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I needed to get one. I eventually did, and she was so beautiful and full of life that I had no choice but to fall in love with her wholeheartedly.

Things were going well until she began to distance herself and would list excuses longer than a giraffe’s neck.
As for me, I already loved her, so I was accepting the excuses and having no reasons to doubt her any day.

I would call and call, while she chooses the time she wants to pick and when to tell me to call back that she’s busy at the moment.
It continued, till she got bored of everything and broke up with me. Loyal me didn’t know what I did wrong, all I knew was I loved a girl madly and wouldn’t let anything make me stop.
So now, what am I going to do? Am heartbroken, and I don’t know quite well what to do nor where to start.
All I could ever think of was HER and someone to tell me that the whole scenario was a joke that she’s just messing with me.

But you know the truth, it wasn’t a joke, she did break up with me.

I started with not concentrating in school and on the edge of failing my exams, well, thank God it didn’t get to that extent because I was able to find the courage and get myself out of it.

Guess you’re wondering how I did it, dive in with me here, let me aid in bursting your bubbles on how to overcome your relationship heartbreak.

Steps on overcoming heartbreak.

1. It’s not the end of the world.

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That you have a heartbreak doesn’t mean that the earth will stop rotating, nor will you die because she left you.
Some people go the extreme of committing suicide due to heartbreak, but you know what? The dude that broke her heart is somewhere having a cold beer.
Or, the girl that broke his heart is about walking the aisle with her new catch.

I don’t think they’ll choose not to move on with their life just because you were dumb to kill yourself.
So what are you supposed to do here, take a deep breath and know that no matter how sad you feel, it doesn’t change anything?

Be strong and take charge of your life, this is but what you’ll eventually pass through before you’re tagged a survivor. Many great men and women moved through heartbreak some time in their lives to become who they are at present.
They never let it break them, that’s why they’re here for us to learn. So take a chill pill and move on with your life.

2. You deserve better.

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You do deserve better than what’s happening to you, I know you’re sad, and you’ve not been yourself for a while, but ask yourself this,

Is that what the future YOU would want?

When I meant future you, I mean YOU in a few years. Do you think you’ll love yourself in such a manner, while you still have a lot to achieve?
No one likes heartbreak, but also, nobody loves someone that can’t learn from his mistakes and move on when necessary.

You deserve better. Happiness, someone who loves you for who you are, a person that understands you’re not perfect and is willing to help you get better instead of breaking up with you.
You deserve good things, don’t let a little misfortune make you lose yourself, bear In mind that you still have people around willing to wipe that tears off your face.

3. Involve yourself in activities you enjoy.

Take your time, step out of your house and get busy with your leisure, do you love music? Hanging out with friends? Baseball? Football? Seeing movies? Etc.
There must be something you love doing, start soon and get yourself involved with it. Staying indoors due to heartbreak can turn your mind into a ball of thinking leaving you in a somewhat depressed state.
Of which if not handled carefully, can cause severe damage and detriment to yourself.

Avoid being alone mostly, go out with your friends and try to get things off your mind, this has helped a lot of people going through a rather sorry state due to heartbreak.
And most have reported back with positive results, so make out time and be happy with what you do and the people around you, you never know the right guy/girl might be one of them.

4. Work on your goals and achieve something.

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We all had a life before we chose to get people into it, we’ve always believed in something no matter how little it did appear.
You had a life before you met her, and probably had a dream you were working on, but it could be, you only gave a little time to it since you got involved with her, believing you can always come back to your dreams after all.

Maybe that would be a better suggestion now; most people believe that heartbreak is but a turning point in making their life better.
They take it as a challenge in trying to be better than who they were, not believing they got dumped as a result of not meeting up to that.

They would want to get better generally to avoid been seen as the loser if it eventually comes to the point of comparing who had a better life after all.
Take up your goals and be better than whom you were before. This approach will not only keep you occupied; it’ll make you a better man when you’ve eventually healed from the heartbreak.

5. You are your best friend.

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You got yourself; you’re a survivor. Most times we take advice from people, but it’s our very self that seeks the help and eventually heals.
Believe that you’ll get better and no one got your back but you, take your time and note the little things you like about yourself and be proud of them.

Be courageous and know you have worth, even if you’re suffering heartbreak presently, see that it’s only yourself that can get you out of it.
So take your time and note that if she can dump you for someone else? Someone can also love your personality and could want to date you to have a taste of it.

So, no matter what, you’re still very SPECIAL. And no one deserves to make you feel otherwise.

6. Forgive her/him.

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One of the few things we feel we can never do at this time is to forgive. It’s hard.
\But what does forgiveness have to do here? Does it change anything?
It does. And what does it change?

Yes, you. It can make you heal better than you possibly imagine.
Forgiveness is a natural heart soothing and soul-reviving force that provides a magical healing remedy to the wounded heart.
It takes its healing operation rather slowly, but it surely attains the level of restoring the soul to its better state.
Take out your time, try and forgive her. You never know you’re doing yourself a huge favor.

7. Take it as a lesson you need to learn.

We all have possibly been in relationships that didn’t end the way we wanted, but we eventually continued our quest for love.
Eventually, after the break up we tend to note our flaws and where we didn’t quite do it right. And try in the making ourselves better for the future.
Maybe this is a time to reflect on your past experiences and know if there’s a possible way you’re not doing it right.

Noting your flaws is not a sign of weakness, but a more indication that you’re becoming strong.
Now, most people don’t believe they ever did wrong, that the issues surrounding the break-up were all their spouse’s.
But in the long run, they caused a case in the whole scenario. So take your time and learn from it, you might have to thank me later.

8. Give it time.

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Time eventually heals everything; it might take days, months, or years. But it ultimately does.
So give it time, you’ll get better. Just find something to occupy your mind during that period, and you’ll be so kind as to go.
Never think you’ll never get better and try inflicting injuries on yourself due to your depressed state.

Remember, someone has suffered something more significant than what you’re currently going through, and they’re living their life now.
So my dear, give it time and nature will take care of it.

9. See a psychiatrist.

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When you did all this, and you don’t seem to get better at all, then it’s time to seek the help of a psychiatrist probably.
Hopefully believing that you’ll eventually get better when you do.
But I still firmly believe that after going through this, you wouldn’t have a reason to.
Best of luck as you progress, and may you find someone to make your happiness sprout.

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