How to Get a Boyfriend

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Hey ladies, I think I have something you’ll like to look at, lets you wondering why you’ve been hesitating all this while.

And that is, what are you to do to get yourself a boyfriend? ASAP

Mostly, ladies believe it’s weird walking up to a guy and asking for his number.

Whereas, they’re madly crushing over him and can’t get him off their mind, but are finding it difficult creating that awareness, let alone being the girlfriend.

Well. You can take your time and go through this, to get the hidden insight on the likely things to do in making him your boyfriend instantly.

It isn’t bad if you can’t tell him you want him as a boyfriend, but there are signs you can display to make him understand, and he’ll not only want but will love to be.

Have you wondered why you’re throwing green lights at a guy but he doesn’t seem to catch the glimpse.

Leaving you wondering if he sees you as a friend or a lovely lady, but in the long run, you might be the one that’s not doing it right.

You know, wanting a boyfriend is different from trying to be friends. So showing friendly signals is entirely different from the former.

So sit back, while we keep it coming.

Ways To Easily Get A Boyfriend.

1. Try And Know A Little About Him

Take note of something about him, the type of guy he is, persona, etc. That’ll help you a lot when you guys begin to converse.

Curiosity gets a guy when it comes to that part; he’ll be awed that a girl he barely knew could notice those things about him.

He would be intrigued at such behavior and could probably want to know more. You don’t have to note everything, but knowing his kind of friends, the type of clothes, shoes he loves wearing, social life? Etc. Shouldn’t be wrong after all.

For him to choose you, you’ll have to be spectacular and different from other ladies he has met.

While a careful observation does it, stalking is so against the rules.

2. Make Eye Contacts with Him.

Sometimes, when you come across him or accidentally bump into him, try and maintain eye contacts. For some seconds, then you can look away shyly if you want, leaving a slight little smile.

The essence of the eye contacts is to make him note you; I believe we barely forget someone who looks into our eyes uniquely.

But, note you don’t do it awkwardly, like staring bizarrely, that’ll turn the whole thing off and he might tag you WEIRD

But leaving that soft smile for him to look at after the eye contact, will send signals to him that you probably like him and if he barely noticed you before, he wouldn’t see you pass by again without giving you a second look.

So here, he might still be wondering what’s going on, but in his mind, you’re sticking in already, and he’ll look forward to that gesture again.

But if you aren’t good with eyes, you can try the other highlighted methods, and trust me; you’ll still achieve the same results.

Many have reported using the eye signals, but couldn’t get the supposed results — some resulting in a state whereby they’ll have to find him again and try one last time, which still didn’t pull strings eventually.

That’s why we advise you practice on it firstly, with maybe your friends before trying it with him. That’ll make it a lot easier and a bit more comfortable when you look into his face.

3. Smile at Him.

There are many peculiar things smile does to the brain cells; it triggers the neurotransmitters hormones in the brain that makes you feel instantly relaxed and to an extent lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

Smiling goes a whole long way in making someone feel wholly free and ok with you around him. It makes you look more beautiful and facially attractive.

Smiling could be a word on its own, letting out a calm little smile can make a day for a stranger who’s having a terrible one.

I don’t think in my time of studies that I’ve come across someone who dislikes smiles unless he doesn’t like the individual portraying it.

So my dear, smile at him more often, it’s completely ok to do that and it causes no harm. You never know, he might be having a bad day, and you happen to be the source of his joy.

It’ll make him a lot happier and his interest in you keen.

A majority have succeeded with just this simple act, and it worked like magic, where they didn’t have to say much, with the boy carrying the rest of the processes out.

Yes, it’s true that it’s not all guys that know when a girl is throwing glances at him, that’s why you shouldn’t panic if he isn’t yet.

Maybe he’s not quick to grasp as a result of possibly being used to seeing such gestures frequently, or perhaps he wants to be sure what your glances are, and how to reciprocate adequately.

So which other way is good, provided you never lost hope in continuing. Because some guys might think you’re just lovely, while some already know what you’re doing.

Therefore, for him not to know yet, don’t mean he doesn’t like you, it could then mean, you’ll have to add more juice to make your glances outstanding among the rest.

4. Say Something.

Yeah I know, this part is difficult and it’s where ladies lose the guts to continue as a result of being too shy to speak to him.

Or, like they mostly believe, will be left with a total embarrassment, If they do.

But taking it one step at a time, you’ll notice that men aren’t rude like you think, no decent guy will embarrass a lady he barely knew because she acted friendly.

And in a way or the other, you’ll have to create a means of communication that’ll make him talk to you; you can drop a book in front of him and act like it’s an accident or bumps into him intentionally.

You then say sorry while looking into his face smiling; he’ll surely return the regard if he’s kind enough. And you can find a means to say something like,

That book that fell is a page-turner.

Or you can also say,

Wow bumping into you is the most physical thing I’ve done in months.

From there, he might smile while you guys exchange pleasantries. And boom you’re good to go.

Even though he doesn’t ask for a drink, or hasn’t taken your number yet. He now knows you well enough, and seeing him next time could be another great chance to try.

But don’t walk up to him directly and say

“I want you to be my boyfriend.”

Even though it appears natural to you, and you believe he could go with it.

Trust me it’s kind of weird, and he’ll be cautious when trying to deal with you.

Not that some guys can’t see it fit, but what do you think could be going through his mind? So why not find some suitable thing to say that’ll make him look at you and reply kindly.

Probably, you both happen to bump in a trade fair, and you think it’s the perfect time to break the dumb bond.

You can make your way towards his position, maybe pick up a piece of art and ask him what he thinks about it.

Or ask him, how much he will sell the designer collections displayed if he were to be the owner.

Remember the aim is to get him talking to you comfortably to an extent, so when you’ve reached the needed attention, you can now take the conversation to a new level.

Let him notice peculiarity and brilliance in your words that’ll attract and make him want to meet you.

You can then introduce yourself and tell him you came to view the fair’s sophistication. I believe he’ll be comfortable enough to tell you who he is.

So with that done, you both have known each other, and a likely chance of meeting him some other time might be possible.

Chris, my childhood friend, is currently dating a girl that asked him out. And they’ve been together for two years; he even told me he’s already putting a ring to it.

The day his girlfriend approached him, he was only taking a walk along the railway close to his crib, the girl was passing by, and they bumped at each other.

She firstly winked at him and told him she had known him for months and was thinking of the day they might get to know each other.

Bottom line is they’re currently dating and might soon be married. According to Chris, that’s the longest relationship he’s been.

Chris has been in a series of relationships, but none has lasted like this present one. Which means if you have the mindset that every relationship that a woman-initiated doesn’t last?

Then you should seriously think again.

5. Compliment him Mostly.

Show him; you like his style, and his masculinity when it comes to dressing.

Check, is he wearing a new pair of shoes? Or is his shirt looking dapper, be nice and tell him he looks cute on them and how you love his stylish looking outfit.

He’ll surely appreciate your kind words, and that could be a significant boost to his confidence. After all, you might be the only one telling him that at the moment.

But, there’s a fact I believe we should be kind towards an extent, and that is, some men, don’t have the charm when it comes to dressing.

Let’s face it, how did you learn how to dress. You might have looked unattractive before, and then, all of a sudden you became a stylish dresser every one commends.

Maybe you were lucky and learned from your friends, or you have a family that’s fashion oriented. Don’t you think everyone hasn’t got that kind of luck?

Some, do their best and try to live up to expectation, but their efforts might not have hit the right buttons, and their feelings of sadness alleviate.

That, they’re not stylish when it comes to dressing, doesn’t make them feeble, it could be that, that’s all they could come up with and have no better ideas.

So, my dear, he doesn’t have to be Brad Pitt, compliment him on whatever he’s wearing. Trust me, it’ll make him happy, and you’ll remain in his mind for that.

Maybe, when you get to date him, you can then bring better dress options to the table.

But, is your guy that classy looking dude that dresses awesomely that every day he receives but a thousand commendations on his stunning outfit?

Then, you’ll have to be a bit nicer than the rest before he can take note of you.

You can see him coming around, and instead of saying,

You look handsome on that shirt.

Which is a very lovely remark after all, but it’s a bit stale because he must have heard that from a group of girls in the neighborhood.

Add some juice to it that’ll make him think about you throughout that day. Say something like,

Wow, tell me why I wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle with you right now. Mr. Gorgeous.

Both remarks are kind, but the latter is the one he’ll find unique and hard to forget.

So what are the odds, do you think it’s a bit difficult to handle? It is not. Just take your time and a little practice and you’re very good to go.

6. Ask for the Number.

Yeah I know, someone isn’t going to like me for saying this, but I think it’s something you don’t need to run away from.

Studies have shown that most crushes end up in nothing but mere admiration and fruitlessness if there was no confident execution of the desired want.

It’s widely known that people observe from a distance and eventually stay and do nothing until the whole feelings die without getting a chance even to say HI.

Whereas, he could have been the best guy you’ve ever known, if only you made that bold step, not minding what could happen. After all, we both know you want him.

But you get stuck with the fundamental knowledge of him, thinking you’re probably a cheap type for coming up to a guy and asking for his number.

Well, if that’s what the guy you want thinks, maybe its time you stopped talking to him because he’s not worth your time and energy.

But how are you going to know if that’s really what on his mind? You can’t tell until you talk to him.

There’re several ways to get a guy’s number without asking him directly; maybe when he does, you can initiate a friendly conversation via text and get the flows pumping.

Remember, you’ve known something about him, you can get his number through them. For example, you know he loves the baseball game, though it isn’t your type of thing, you can say,

I’m cheering for the bulls this evening, but I might be so lonely cheering alone. You mind if I have your number? To call you when I’m ready. Would be more confident I don’t have an alien beside me, with you around. (LOL.)

Here, it doesn’t look like you asked for the number in other to flirt later, but you did in a clinical way that still kept your proposed dignity intact.

So, he will, and after the game, you guys can begin to converse nicely.

But are you the type with guts? You can walk up to him and ask him for the number without going through long processes. It’s still not a bad idea.

Studies have also shown, that men find it comfortable and happy being with ladies like that. They love spending time engaging in lots of conversations, even voicing out their fears and sharing their deepest secrets.

So whichever one you are, you are still attractive in his sight.

7. Remember Important Days of His life and Show Him, love.

Maybe you’re suitable to know his birthday, and you happen to be around, show him love by wishing him happy birthday in the early hours of the morning.

You never know, the closest person to him, might not have done so. And you’re the one ushering the message. He’ll be touched at that gesture, in fact, it’s a type of gesture people barely forget.

So be that kind of girl that’ll leave him wondering why he hasn’t made a move yet.

Though it’s not compulsory to gets gifts, if you think you’re buoyant enough, you can get him something he likes no matter how small.

Guys aren’t concerned about how expensive your gift is to them; they believe that if you never loved them, you’ll never have thought of buying anything. But since you did, it means you love him.

And he doesn’t need an angel to tell him that already.

And after all that, he’ll be the one asking you out on a date before you know it.

I believe after doing all this; he should be standing on your porch as soon as possible.

But if he doesn’t, I might suggest you move on, and be happy for him — hopefully, a guy that loves you might come around someday while you take your happiness to a whole new level.

Okay ladies, I believe this is it. Best of luck and tell us how you did.

Mr. Trem.

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