How to Get a Girlfriend

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Getting That Girlfriend You’ve Always Wanted.

Hello, guys let’s get down a little on knowing how to get you a girlfriend.  Causing you to smile, whenever you wake up in the morning, and loving yourself for finally breaking the single bond.

Getting a girlfriend is sometimes one big deal for guys that have never been in a relationship before especially.

They usually don’t know WHAT and WHAT NOT to do here. Mostly believing the girl doesn’t like them, but in most cases, they’re usually the ones making the mistakes.


Are you having issues getting a girlfriend?

Do you have a girl you admire? But don’t know how to talk her into the girlfriend thing?

Are you not happy that all your guys are dating and you seem to be the odd man out?

Or are you tired of trying one sick method your friend told you about that’s not working?

Maybe, you don’t know the DO’s and the DON’T’s

So, why not take a seat right here and have this ride with me, because, in the end, you’ll understand everything you need to know on getting that girlfriend and wouldn’t have a reason to doubt at all.

And if possible, showing her to your group of friends on the next beach party.

Take a refreshing drink, let’s keep the words coming.

Steps On Getting A Girlfriend.

1. Take your time and Know Her A Little.

Women love it when guys take note of them.

Though it sometimes varies on the kind of girl but to an extent, the majority like it.

Take your time, know a little thing about this supposed girlfriend you want. You needn’t study her like some freaky scientist, but a simple observation can give you lots of helpful tips.

Does she dress fine? she love seeing movies? or she visit the charity homes often? You can take note of those, is she on headset often? That should tell you she loves music. She rarely walks alone? That should also tell you she keeps a lot of friends.

Close observation isn’t completely bad, because when she eventually learn these things you know of her? She wouldn’t need some sorcerer to make her believe you like her already.

She’ll probably begin to enjoy talking to you more often. Or might pick interest in getting to know you too.

But note, you don’t try knowing everything, from the kind of friends she keeps, to whom she visits, parties, goes on a date with and when she’s home alone.

She’ll see you like a crazy stalker, and the results might not be what you’re expecting.

Just keep it at its low. Otherwise, it could appear freaky and might so not going to end well for you.

2. Dress Nicely.

Yeah, bro, you need to look good, it plays a good part in the whole process. Spending your last penny on Louis Vuitton isn’t my best advice though, but wearing something beautiful no matter how cheap you bought them could do it for you.

Do you have only one pair of trousers? With just two t­­-shirts? It’s still a lot if you can clean up thoroughly. Wash and iron them neatly, and be happy with them on you.

Take care of your hair, apply deodorants, body sprays, etc. to help you smell good, no girl likes a guy whose armpit stinks.

Are you bearded, it’s attractive to the ladies. Take good care of them and make them look shiny and cute, that could go a long way for you.

Hit the gym, loosen that belly fat, add some tons of muscles, looking like Dwayne Johnson isn’t a must, but a little fitness exercise does it. You can be skinny and still appear charming provided you do the needed.

Do you have bad breath, bro? If you do, brush your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste, make use of an antiseptic mouthwash also. Nobody stands terrible breath, and no girl wants to kiss a guy bearing such.

Looking untidy is a huge turn off for women especially the neat ones. So work on the way you dress and make sure it’s commendable.

My friend Beatrice once said,

“If a guy walks up to me and asks for my number? I’ll observe him, and if he fails the first test? He’s already invisible.

When I asked what this first step was, she said,

Dress Sense

The way you dress matters a lot buddy, that’s what the ladies check out firstly on sighting a guy. And the possibility of having some extended time with you depends on that.

So why not clean your shoes and knot your ties smartly, you could be on the verge of saying goodbye to single-hood.

3. Talk To Girls More Often.

This medium could help you practice and be better with your manner of approach. When you talk to random girls every day, it’ll help you with morale and more comfortable means to approach your crush and speak freely.

This has helped a lot of guys undergoing the same course, they all reported having a good time, and how it helped them in getting that girlfriend.

There shouldn’t be a unique selection of ladies; you can talk to anyone you feel from the prettiest to the ugliest of them.

The goal isn’t to date them, but to make you better and ready when its time hit on your desired woman.

Remember it’s not a do or die affair, so relax and take your time, feel free talking with the ladies and concentrate on being friends. Talk to many as you can, act as if you’ve known them your whole life.

And be that sweet guy they’ll want to meet again. At the end of the whole thing, you’re already feeling good about yourself, and hitting on your to be girlfriend shouldn’t be a big deal.

4. Feel Good About Yourself.

Be happy with yourself, love the way you look, take pride in the things you do and never be ashamed of who you are.

Be happy with the things you’ve achieved no matter how little they are; you can’t expect to have an excellent relationship with someone when you have but little faith in yourself.

No girl wants to date a guy with low self-esteem, because people like that commonly encounter anxiety and depression.

Low self-esteem also is the reason for most relationship problems like distrusts, insecurities, jealousies, heartbreaks, etc.

And believe me, no girl wants to bank on that. So, take your time, thinks of those things that give you joy about yourself.

What do people say to you, Do you get compliments on things you do well? Find those things and take pleasure in them.

Do you look good? Or you have this impressive physique everyone likes?

Can you play drums? Can you fix things? Are you good at baseball?  There is undoubtedly something about you that’s worth taking home. Take pride in those things and let them be your source of joy.

Though you shouldn’t go bragging, such little display of self-love and worth will help in finally closing the deal for you.

5. Talk To Her.

Image result for guy talking to a girl

You’re surely not getting anywhere closer if you don’t break the silence and initiate a sweet sensational conversation with her.

So then, what are you to do? What you should do is TALK. It’s easy as that; there are many ways through which can talk to her at first.

You can start by winking and smiling, But try and no pee in your pants after doing that.  (LOL.)

Or you can read how to talk to a girl if you don’t find the former fit.

6. Be Confident.

This approach is the most important of all, confidence.

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Show her; you meant it when you said you want her as your girlfriend, let her see it in your face, she must believe you’re worth it, before considering being your girlfriend.

Most girls find a confident guy as the most attractive in the room because he’s bold enough to say what he wants.

Be sure of yourself and be proud of your words. Funny, that might be all she’s looking for, and you’ve become one hell of a lucky dude.

Tell her, about yourself and how you love the things you do for fun, how wonderful your friends are and how much you enjoy their company, even though they could be gangsters.

This approach has a lot accustomed to it, many guys have made mistakes here, trying to please a lady by keeping their real personalities at bay, and displaying characters they believe she would find pleasing, for the sake of being accepted and labeled The Best of Them All.

Not knowing they’re doing so at their detriment, because when a girl discovers a guy is fake, he automatically becomes a turn-off.

Show her who you are, and don’t try to be what you’re not because you can’t step on longer with it, you like visiting the clubs? Let her know and don’t be scared to say it.

But mind, you don’t act like a club monger. She could not be into it and might think you a club freak. So, keep your cool, you never know, she might want to try some new things with you.

Don’t be scared to tell her how you love rock music, even though she doesn’t listen to them.

Take charge of situations no matter how critical they are, not only will it make her view your strength, it’ll also make you feel good about yourself.

Confidence doesn’t just make you a girl-getter, it also makes you better in different life dimensions.

7. Be Good and Nice.

Don’t be scared of being seen as MR NICE GUY everybody thinks will eventually get friend zoned.

Trust me; no girl wants a guy that isn’t nice.

They only don’t want the TOO NICE kind of guy, I am sure you can differentiate from both.

So bro, be gentle and kind to her, help her with little things and don’t expect a favor in return. She knows what you’re doing already, and could be willing to say yes when you finally ask.

8. Create A Romantic Bond.

Watch that movie with her, invite her to the cinema when she least expects, take her out on a dinner, cutely dressed and full of charms.

Pay her a surprise visit with a little package, handing her flowers or whatever you could get. Leave a note in it and don’t let her open it till you go. Ensure there’s a beautiful message written inside. That’ll leave her thinking about you all day.

Call her often, and tell her how you’re encountering difficulties with work, which could be more comfortable when you’ve heard her beautiful voice.

Leave romantic text messages at nights, and let her know you think about her before you sleep, and how confidently you wake up every morning knowing you have a face like hers to gaze.

Be touchy to an extent. Sit close and lock your hands, smile while looking into her face. Say sweet things that’ll make her blush as the conversation gets more interesting.

Share your beautiful memories with her that’ll keep her feeling loved and unique.

But be careful, a gentle, delightful romance can make the whole process quicken, but a poorly executed one can crash the entire process to the ground.

9. Spend A little.

Spending a little isn’t completely bad after all, many will say they’re not going to spend on a lady that isn’t their girlfriend yet.

But, spending is part of what makes you attractive. Surprising her with excellent gifts can make her like you even more.

But, Considering how much you have in your credit card, I would suggest you spend wisely.

You don’t need a costly gift. That’s where lots of guys get it wrong. They believe they could buy a girl with such, but in reality, she could stick because of that, but will eventually leave the moment she stops seeing them, making you understand, she was there due to the cash.

Remember, a real girlfriend’s primary concern isn’t how much you have, but how genuine your love is for her.

If she’s into you, she’ll appreciate whatever it is you give her, no matter how little. Moreover, she believes that’s what you could afford, and you’re trying to be nice.

10. Tell her.

Tell her what you want, tell her how you feel about her.

Some girls know already but would prefer hearing it from you. Don’t think they’re rude; they want to be sure of what you want.

So, you might not be sure the category she belongs, but you can do yourself the favor of telling her directly. This process shouldn’t be a big deal because after doing all this, I firmly believe if her attitude towards you were right, she’d say yes.

And you’ll have your single status erased. While welcoming yourself to a new level of bliss.

So, guys, we have it here already, hope you enjoyed the post, best of luck as you progress and may you find that perfect mate that’ll make you not to ever think of being single again.

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