How To Improve Your Relationship

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Tips On Improving Your Relationship


Have you ever been in a relationship where you two feel like seriously kicking each other out and calling it a day?

Have you suddenly become tired and stressed in your relationship that you don’t feel like continuing?

Are you wondering why your girlfriend wants to take a break in a relationship that has lasted for just a few months?

Then, if you’re reading this right now, I’ll gladly tell you that you’re unto the right track. Because am going to take you round the house and I’m sure when we’re done you’re really going to love the view.

Most people confuse it when their spouse feels tired already. He now thinks to himself that she has found a new guy or the girl thinks he has found a side chick

In some cases, its true but in some it isn’t where you’re actually putting your finger. Maybe there’s something you aren’t doing.

That’s why you’re going to take your time and read between the lines because I’ve provide you with the peculiar information needed to ensure a happy energy flowing relationship.

Sit back and get the real gist.


How To Improve Your Relationship

1. Try Adding More Romance.


She: “Hey come here am kind of feeling cold”.

You: Oh, sorry about that baby I need to get to Jon’s, the boys are waiting, but there’s a flu tablet on the locker you can get it later?  See you in 3 hours.


This is actually not a good way to leave your girlfriend.

No one said you shouldn’t get to Jon’s but what kind of signal do you think your girl is showing here.

She’s probably bored and wants your closure. She might not really be cold like she said, moreover we both know girls are complicated

The right thing to have been done here is;

You get close to her, if she’s on the bed lie beside her, hold her in your hands, kiss her on the forehead and look her in the eyes.

You can now say

“It’s alright baby I got you, you’ll be fine I promise.”

Just say that while holding her for some minutes. Believe me she’ll love and cherish you more for that.

Now you need to get to Jon’s. You can now tell her you need a little time to spend with your boys that you’ll be back in no time to spend the rest of the day with her.

Even when you stay longer than you proposed, she’s not really going to be mad at you.

While coming back you drop by a nearby shop and get her a flower or anything you think she might like.

Being romantic does not just improve a relationship alone. It makes it last longer.

Try and not be the nonchalant guy that barely reads his spouse’s common signal.

That alone might make her lose common interest in you gradually and before you know it you both might become history.


2. Take A Date On An Exceptional Environment.


I believe you guys are used to visiting the restaurant close to her workplace or your apartment.

Not that it’s a typical bad idea, but, you can put a little juice to it. Surprise her sometimes.

Take her to a lake one day, but make sure you make provisions for the things she going to like on the menu.

You can write a poem for her, if you don’t how know to, make inquiry. A few sentences wouldn’t be too much.

While you guys are enjoying the environment and basking at the flow of the still waters.

You can read the poem for her and make her feel loved.

Remind her how much you love her and how she’s the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you.

You don’t need to bore her with words but let her know from the depth of your heart that she’s all that matters to you.

This shouldn’t be much of a big deal for a relationship you cherish.

Because she’s definitely going to be overwhelmed by such pleasant gesture and would love you beyond measures.



3. Take Her On  Vacation When She Least Expects.


Yeah maybe you both have been busy and your work schedule is tight to an extent and you’ve not had that chance for each other. But the holidays just came up and you both normally spend it at your place.

Instead of going to your place again, which I’m not suggesting is a bad option, you can take her on a vacation if you both barely do it.

She’ll appreciate it.  It mustn’t be a very expensive one, you can arrange for a nice place with a good restaurant.  Take a time about play in the snow, take a hike together and enjoy the beautiful moments.

She’ll be surprised and happy at how romantic you’ve suddenly become.

That’ll open more doors of fun and improvement in your relationship.

Begin to take note of places she likes and surprise her with it.

Just try this out I believe you’ll come back here with a positive comment.


4. Explore Intimately.

While trying to improve your relationship you need to be explore intimately.

Try something new, something sensational. It doesn’t have to be the same boring style all the time, you can take a different position, try different styles, she’ll love it.

As a woman. I’m sure there’s something you can bring to the table. Make him happy find out what appeals him sexually and you’re good to go

Exploration shouldn’t be one sided it’s something you both have to journey towards in bettering your sexual lives.

Most times, this is where much emphasis needs to be laid because, you both need to satisfy oneself in every area sexually to avoid losing interest in it.

You can ask or find out the possible areas whereby you need improving, some women might not put it to you directly on where you’re lacking. That’s why you’ll have to ask her and find out for yourself.

Having a lasting relationship depends on communication, you have to know what you both want, otherwise things might not end well.


5. Talk To Each Other More Often


Engage in conversations, spend more quality time in talking to each other it helps a lot.

She doesn’t need be your girlfriend alone she can also be your best friend. Give her the chance to tell you things.

Be a good listener, some relationships fail sometimes because of the guy being too busy to notice his spouse’s mood especially when she needs someone to talk to.

That could make her confide in another friend, and who knows where that could lead to.

Become each other’s confidante.

Hey, how did your day go?

You should always ask that.

If there were challenges, reason it out with him or her and make plans on making the rest days better.

Are you living together?  Take note of your spouse’s mood when she’s back from work, take some time and talk.  It isn’t bad taking a little nap on the couch together.

Don’t let your too busy work schedule jeopardize your relationship.

Not that you shouldn’t take your work seriously, but when it’s coming in-between your relationship, you need to adjust and make plans that’ll suite you both.


6. Surprise Gifts Could Do It.


Guys and girls love gifts.

I don’t think there’s anyone you’ll appear in front of his door with a perfectly wrapped case and he wouldn’t anticipate to see what’s inside while opening it eagerly.

Imagine your girlfriend opening that case and see that beautiful necklace she has always wanted but couldn’t get due to the price tag on it.

Or your boyfriend seeing that pair of snickers, that Drake modeled for?

We all like beautiful things and it wouldn’t be bad if you surprise him /her with one.

Maureen my childhood friend who loved her grandmother so much, was given a pair of sandals as a gift from her boyfriend Gabriel.

Shockingly, it was the exact sandals her grandmother loves wearing always when she was alive.

Surprised, she asked how he knew of the sandals, and where he bought it from, because it should have been a very difficult one to find.

He replied.

 “I had it made again because I know you loved your grannie, and anything that reminded you of her will make you happy and put that beautiful smile on your face. And I love seeing those radiant curves your face makes when you smile.


Think there must be something your spouse loves, make arrangements and provide it for him/her. She’ll appreciate it more than you possibly know.


7. Dress To Kill


This is one crucial part when it comes to Improving a relationship.

As a woman, there’s some kind of dress you’ll wear that your partner will find attractive and irresistible. that’ll make him wonder why you haven’t been wearing them since.

Some ladies, doesn’t really take note of the things they wear, especially when they’re at home with him. They wear whatever they see fit, without noting if he likes it or not.

They might think, it doesn’t matter moreover they’re at home and isn’t going anywhere. But the truth is, men like seeing those things that attracted them to you in a sexier kind of way. Put on a sexy bum short sometimes instead of that gown that looks like a 1980 designers.

When going for that special dinner with him, try and make sure that you’re one of the best dressed ladies at the event. That many eyes will like to catch. That’ll make him happy and also a great boost to his confidence.

Make it a habit of wearing things he likes and finds attractive. It’ll go a long way.



8. Keep To Shape.


OK here’s another, most ladies think their spouse is very much OK with the way they look, and wouldn’t bother taking that jog or going to the gym once in a while, whereas they might be looking way out of shape.

The thing is, if he’s not the blunt kind of guy, he won’t know how to tell you to place yourself on diet and loosen that belly fat you’re accumulating.

Believe me you don’t like it when you’re too fat.

And don’t think anyone does too, but you can work on yourself and get the desired body you want.

Imagine the possible look on your partners face when you tell him to carry you, trust me, it wouldn’t look that enthusiastic.

And even if he does, you should be careful he doesn’t fall down with you on top of him.

Find out what attracted you to your partner at first, think of this and know if you have something of yourself you need to work on.

I believe if nonchalance was the order of the day, Beyoncé will be triple her size now.

As a guy, you can hit the gym and develop some abs, build up a little biceps and look manly. you never know how appealing she thinks you’ve suddenly become.

So keep to shape to make you both happy.



9. Wear His Clothes.


Men like it when their women do that.

You never know how beautiful he sees you on them, it’s really an attractive thing to behold.

You can wear his favorite shirt to work, maybe while at home you can put on one of his shorts and ask him how you look on them.

You can also sleep with one of his t-shirts, while you both cuddle and sleep soundly like kids


Those little things you think might not matter, goes a long way in improving your relationship.


10. Extra.

Play her favorite music in the background while you guys take a romantic bath together in the tub.

You can leave tiny roses in the water, a glass of wine beside and play a Lot before getting out.


I believe after doing all this, there shouldn’t be much difficulties in improving your relationship and getting you guys to the right spot again.

Best of luck.


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