How to know if a girl has a crush on you

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a girl admiring her crush
A pretty girl admiring her crush

She has a crush on you.

Have you ever felt that a lady likes you, or more of have a crush on you? ladies send out cute signals to a guy they like instead of telling him directly.

They could smile, talk to you more often, completely changes their attitude, and could not help looking at you when they see you around.

A girl that has a crush on you adores you and have a million thoughts on her mind of what she would want to do with you.

Be mindful, a crush is actually different from love. Most people confuse it a lot.

I’ve had lots of women crush on me simply because they like the fact that I got cute abs and kind of looks good too.

She could crush on you for just being handsome, and might throw herself around you always. Don’t think she’s cheap bro, we both know you really admire pretty women or some of our female celebrities and a time you probably crushed on one (winks).

That might be her thoughts and you happen to be the lucky guy, so what are you going to do, yeah…. I know you definitely want to bury it.

Therefore, you need to know if she does have a crush on you, and what’s possibly going through her mind to know when to take the perfect step.

Like the popular saying, the slow movement of a tiger is not a mistake but a calculative accuracy.

If a tiger should make a mistake in his approach towards a prey, the prey makes a run of it and the tiger might work extra hard to make another catch, and he also should be very careful to avoid another mistake, otherwise he’s going hungry for a while.

Just as she has a crush on you, you need to be smart in making your moves also to avoid drastic mistakes that could turn the whole thing off.

Now here’s the deal, this is what it looks like when a girl has a crush on you.

1. She never stops looking

Any lady that admires a guy will never stop looking at him, particularly when he is present. she wants that guy to herself; she yearns and moans in her heart for him, you can catch that grace when you look at her. She wants to have a conversation with you, the cool but flirty kind of conversation. Its very important if you’re a good observer it helps a great deal.

2. She wants to be around you.

I knew a lady that had a crush on me during my high school days. I noticed how she looks and talks to me; a careful but peculiar conversation is what she’ll want to initiate. I am a good observer anyway, I noticed how she slows down while in the midst of her friends particularly when I’m coming from behind. She does that because she wants me to approach her and talk to her. Smart me did that absolutely and we hooked up faster than I expected.

Try and get this, any lady that has a crush on you, wants you to act fast before she settles for another. Remember a crush has a time range, don’t let her loose patience remember there’s lots of guys out there who wants to get in those panties more than you do.

3. Does he have a girlfriend?

Some ladies don’t really care about your girlfriend as long they want a piece of you, in short, women find guys that have beautiful girlfriends attractive more than the single ones.

They want that which they don’t believe they could get and, in that process, the guy takes his shot and the girl wants him all to himself while he decides the next girl to hit again. this is the genuine reasons why women love bad guys.

But some might want to know if you’ve got a girlfriend. Do yourself the favor by not telling her NO, rather find a smart way to divert the question. That’ll keep her interest keen as she’s used to hearing I’m single from other guys, and you wouldn’t be any different if you said the same thing.

Keep her thinking. Because that will make you more attractive to her.

4. She remembers your birthday

Yes, she does remember important events that concerns you, she sends you birthday wishes and might bring you gifts like Santa. Don’t wonder how she knew; she’s been keeping record of the special things you tell her.

5. Her friends know you

Watch out for those giggly sounds and compliments from her friends. It’s a direct message from her meaning she likes you a lot and her friends know you too. sometimes she doesn’t need to tell them, but they find out themselves because she can’t quit talking about you.

6. She loves when you get touchy

When she has a crush, she would want to feel you and she also want a connection the touchy kind. She wouldn’t mind if you touch her hair or hold her hands in public.

7. She don’t want you flirting with other women

Notice how she feels when you give less attention to her and flirt with other girls around, she doesn’t seem to like it, she gets jealous and wouldn’t want those women around you. she kind of want you all to herself. Guys should understand that this isn’t selfishness entirely, it’s a great sign that she likes you a lot

8. She laughs at your jokes even the lame ones

It’s a common phenomenon to laugh at Kevin Hart’s stand up comedy, but we both know you ain’t no Kevin Hart. She laughs hilariously when you try being funny. She’s making you feel good about yourself. So, take it as a compliment but take note of the jokes you make. If you are not good with them don’t bother.

9. She wants to hear her name in your future plans

She is comfortable including you in her future plans and is all smiles when she’s in yours. Every lady loves to be in a guy’s story especially the one they love or have a crush. She wouldn’t hesitate to include you in her friend’s birthday ceremony coming up in July or September.

10. Her eyes light up with you around

There’s always a great flow of energy in her whenever she catches your glimpse. she seems happy and delighted and takes caution of her appearance or her environment. When she has a crush on you, she takes note of everything she does around you and would want to be at her best

11. She might ask questions

She wants to know more about you, the things you love, your favorite food, games etc. its fine to let her know anyway.

12. She loves what you like.

She suddenly enjoys football, and prefers your favorite restaurant. And also loves your little ideas and dreams. That’s a sign that she wants to be with you.

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13. She is full of compliments.

She compliments you more often than usual, she loves the new Louis Vuitton collections and the cute shirt you’re wearing. You should endeavor to wear something nice always women love a guy who dresses well.          

This and a lot more are what you get when a lady have  a crush on you. Look around buddy and notice that girl that exhibits these signs. Don’t sweat it if she’s ugly or you don’t seem to like her much. You never know who’s the right one unless you try.

That’ll be it guys, have fun but don’t forget to drop your testimonies in the comment section.

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