How To Know If A Girl Likes You.

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Knowing When A Girl  Likes You.

When a girl likes you, she’ll put up a lot of signs to let you know she does, so it’s now your responsibility in taking things to the next level.

She might not put it to you directly, after all, she isn’t sure how to fit you’ll see it.

Most of them believe they’ll be tagged CHEAP.

That’s the more reasons they prefer the green lights thing.

A green light if you don’t know, is that sort of sign a girl shows if she likes you, and wants to be with you.

So what we’re doing today is highlighting those signs a girl shows if she really likes you, and how badly she can’t wait for you to ask her out already.

Many ladies believe the rule of the game is to show you the signs, leaving you do the hitting yourself, and choose if to play hard to get or not.


Though we don’t see that in all women, as a matter of facts, some ladies can personally tell you they like you to your face.

While some might not.

But waiting for her to give you such pleasant and heartwarming news is what I would advise you shouldn’t expect.

That’s why I would advise you read all through and know when it’s right to ask her out.

Likely Signs That Says She Likes You a Great Deal.

1. Looking At You Is What She Can’t Resist.

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Have you caught her looking at you most times? And she tends to look away when you seem to find her glimpse?

That means someone is so interested in you, she might not say a word then, but she’s having a good time looking at her crush.

Try looking away for some minutes and stylishly look back, do you catch her looking again?

Dude, she likes you, or more of, she likes what she sees on you perhaps you’re too cute.

Ladies can’t resist looking at a man they like whenever they come across him, so if you’ve noticed this peculiar sign? Start getting your guts charged because you’re soon gonna hit a girl.

But note, looking is entirely different from staring. If you catch her staring consistently at you? And you’re quite sure you don’t have flies buzzing around your pants either are you looking like a 1920 grandpa.

Then you should be watchful; maybe she’s a secret CIA agent sent to crack your nuts LOL.

2. Always Smiling at You.

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Seeing your face lights up her day if you don’t know, so smiling at you is but an order of the day.

Do you guys talk more often?

Have you noticed her blushing whenever you give a complimentary remark? Or smiling any time you look into her face? Bro, you don’t need any psychologist to elaborate further.

She likes you, and it’s time for bringing in the sheaves.

Although some ladies can be friendly and all smiles sometimes, that’s why it’ll be nice to note how she behaves with other guys around.

If she’s like that to other guys? Then looking for another close sign will be better.

But is it just you that she’s lovelier and all smiley towards? Then we need to get you a new suit bro; you’re about to get married. LOL

3. She’s Full of Compliments.

Hey, you look handsome on that shirt, I love it.

You’re inevitably going to hear lots of this if she likes you. Funny that shirt might not be the sexiest you got, but to her, it’s so cute since you’re the one putting it on.

You’ll be surprised at how she noticed you got a new watch or shoe and might be the first to commend you on them.

She likes your hairstyle, your beard, your masculinity and how handsome you look. You might not be the cutest in town, but she sees you as prince charming.

Do you belong to any music group or ball game? She’ll probably take some of her time to come to see how you perform.

Many might be singing in your music group, but all her attention is on you.

Are you into baseball? And unable to catch a ball throughout the whole game, she’ll be there to support and tell you how wonderful you did in the game.

You know you did nothing bro, LOL. But she commended because she likes you.

That’s and more is what she’ll do if she’s really into you.

4. She’ll Find Reasons to Talk to You.

When a girl likes you, she’ll look for reasons, or a present scenario to grab your attention, in order to talk to you.

Don’t be taken aback when you see her in McDonald’s, and she asks if you’ve tried the new sugarcoated donuts, how it takes really good and could be what you’re looking for.

Don’t think she’s marketing the donuts bro; she’s creating a room for a lively conversation with you. And would be delighted if you understood the advances, and act back.

Or she bumped into you in a cosmetic shop, where you’re having issues making the right deodorant choice. She would gladly aid in making the right decision for you.

Funny, she might be out of time, but wouldn’t mind since it’s all about you making you happy. That’s also a great sign that she likes you a lot.

She’ll also spend some little time, greeting and exchanging pleasantries with you, if she bumped into you while passing by, that’s driving your attention towards her, and making you understand she likes you.

One day I was coming from work, wouldn’t say I looked tired. But I noticed this pretty young girl living in my neighborhood, suddenly walked up to me and offered to help me carry my briefcase.

I was surprised, because we barely talked, and I never knew she could be that nice. So I let her, but unknown to me, she’s been looking for reasons to talk to me.

And decided to use my briefcase to initiate the conversation. And it went well.

So have a girl been trying to talk with you? Maybe you should pay more attention next time to avoid missing the train again.

5. Laughs and Laughs Even When You Make Boring Jokes.

Dude, everybody isn’t funny, though sometimes we pull strings, to make the girl we’re tryna impress believe we’re funny.

But sometimes, the jokes are drier than a pale skin during winter. LOL.

But the girl that likes you will laugh hilariously at such jokes, making you believe you can match Kevin Hart already.

Little did you know she did that to make you feel happy and good with yourself, all because of she like you. And wouldn’t want you feeling not good at what you did.

There’s no further lecture needed here man, she likes you, and I think it’s time for someone to start arranging his apartment. “Yelps.”

6. Many Of Her Friends Know You Already.

Have you seen most of her friends looking at you shyly and smiling? This is to tell you, that she’s is seriously talking about you.

Do you catch them giggling and smiling like kids? Whenever they see you around? Buddy, someone has been saying a lot of things about you, and you already know who the person is.

Or, perhaps, you met her together with a friend, and the friend says, she’s heard so much about you.

That’s also a great sign bro; moreover, if she never liked you, her friends won’t know anything about you.

Girls are rather quick to tell their friends who they’re crushing on, and the possibility of her talking about you is quite inevitable.

So what are you waiting for? Take that step already.

7. She’ll Want To Know If You Got a Girlfriend.

Girls might be too shy to ask if you’ve got a girlfriend. Instead, they’ll let the question appear in a subtle but tricky way, leaving you with a choice to either reply or pretend you never heard the question.

Now, she might be asking for your plans this weekend, and you suddenly come up with going to watch a ball game, or visiting that great restaurant, and maybe just being nice, you ask her to come if she wants.

She could reply like,

I’ll love to, but I don’t want your girlfriend to kick my ass.

That’s a sign she likes you and wants to know if you already have a girlfriend.

So it’s up to you now to decide on the best answer to give her.

8. She Keeps Her Phone Away Whenever You’re Around

She will keep her phone away, or turn all notifications off to avoid someone disturbing the delightful conversation she’s having with you.

She’ll listen more and talk less. All this is attributed to her liking you, and enjoying your company is an understatement.

9. She’s Shy.

When you’re talking with her, she’ll listen carefully and will be all smiles.

When you tend to look into her face, she’ll shyly look away, and might find it difficult looking into your eyes.

Don’t wonder what’s happening, she’s just into you, and is eagerly waiting for you to ask her out already.

Her body language could say a lot too if you guys are scheduled to meet, she’ll ensure she’s cutely dressed, looking very radiant and beautiful.

Sitting close with her legs pointing toward you, maybe occasionally touching her hair, fingers, etc.

When you tend to look away for a few seconds, she’ll have all her attention diverted to you instantly, but the moment you look back, she’ll look elsewhere blushing.

That’s already enough sign to tell you she likes you.

10. She’ll Cancel Some Of Her Activities To Be With You.

Since it’s about you buddy, she wouldn’t mind.

She could cancel friends meeting to be with you, she could have also fixed some activities for herself, but wouldn’t mind compromising since it’s about you.

Being around you is what she finds rather pleasing, so she’ll gladly do that knowing entirely well it’ll make you happy.

11. She Loves Speaking With You On Phone.

She’ll be willing to pick your calls anytime, And will answer with joy and energy in her voice.

Did she miss your calls? She’ll instantly call back as soon as she can, she’ll leave messages for you too if you like them, beautiful words.

She’ll want to know how you’re doing, and how you’re keeping up with work or business.

She likes you man, why not reciprocate?

12. She Tells You Almost Everything.

She tends to tell you things that ball down to her personal lives — things she could barely say to others.

She feels like you’re part of her already, and wouldn’t mind being open and free with you.

But be careful you don’t take the things she tells you for granted by discussing it with others. That could break her heart and leave her regretting why she gave you a chance.

All you need to do here is to be a good listener and offer a helpful suggestion if required.

13. She Knows Most Things You Love Doing.

She probably knows those things you love doing for fun. And wouldn’t mind suggesting better plans similar to them.

She knows your favorite football club, and probably your taste of music, to your type of food, your favorite artiste, and that you’re a fan of basketball.

You could be thrilled at how she knew; she did by merely paying attention during the discussions you guys had, and got most of that information from you.

Bear in mind, that when a girl likes you, she’ll notice almost everything about you because she thinks about you more often than you imagined.

So, I believe this is it when you see these signs, it’s about time you do the needful and finds yourself a partner.

Best of luck.

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