How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

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Love is a beautiful thing, and women wants to be in love. And its but their heart desires to do it with someone they want. But love is compelling that most times, it wouldn’t give them the chance to make that choice.

That’s why whenever a girl falls in love with a guy, she sees him as the best in the world.

That is what love does. So no matter who you are, and how you look, you can still have that girl of your dreams only if you’ll be willing to learn the key ways of making her fall in love with you.

Do you have a female friend that you want to convert to your girlfriend? Or you recently got a girl but don’t know how to make her fall in love with you sharply? That’s why you need this piece to sink it in.

Mostly, ladies crush on guys, but if we are to take a proper look and a closer observation, we’ll notice that it’s entirely different from love. Because, the former can fade, but it’s difficult before the same happens with love

Women as we all know, are very complicated when it comes to matters of the heart.

And having many guys come their way, makes it more difficult for them making the best choice.

That’s why you should read this to the end to be that guy that she falls in love with eventually. Remember, you want her, and having these few things to do, should be just it.

So grab a coffee and get the essential facts. So when you’re done with the crucial practices, you’ll sit and watch how beautiful moments begins to unfold.

10 Ways To Make A woman Fall in Love with You

1. Let her Know Your Intentions

boy proclaiming love to a girl

Let’s get the point straight, guys especially the shy ones, find it difficult telling a girl they like, their true heart intentions, they go about acting all nice until the girl finally friend zone them.

Then, they eventually feel sad and heartbroken believing no girl wants to have them as dates nor even consider falling in love with them.

Whereas, it wouldn’t have hurt in any way if he had got his point across and told her how he feels.

Some might say she’s supposed to understand the signs the dude was showing, while they seem to forget that women have lots of guys around them, and most of these guys are not different from the guy in question.

So he’ll have to work extra hard for his intentions to be fully noted.

So why not save yourself the stress and tell her already? I think it’ll be better in knowing where you stand.

Learn How to talk to a girl, to make it easier for you.

Most importantly, Women believe its the guy’s duty to ask her out, while she decides to play hard to get or date you instantly.

Now you know, she’ll find it kinda hard giving the relationship a name since you haven’t said anything.

So, before embarking on this journey, tell her your heart intentions, and if she’s still confused about it? Or isn’t sure if you’re the right guy? You then carry out this processes to leave her no choice but falling for you already.

So step two,

2. Be Close To Her As a Friend.

loved up boy and girl having fun with a cup of coffee

Guys don’t seem to get this part.  Many guys believe whenever a girl comes up with the

“let’s be friends.”

Then, the whole chase thing he started from the beginning has come to a halt. Because he believes he’ll eventually fall in the friend zone, and there won’t be a natural means of escape.

But that’s a better way to start. Becomes friends, then introduce romance. It’s as easy as that.

The girl might like you, but she’s probably getting to know you, before considering dating you afterward.

Guys should note that no girl will ever fall in love with someone she can’t consider a friend. As I said, you can’t love a random stranger. Most relationships started with friendship and ended in love.

Most times, being her friend makes it easier for her to cling onto you when she has no one else to turn. Especially if she hasn’t got a boyfriend yet.

That alone will make you valuable to her, even if she doesn’t feel anything for you yet, there’s a possibility that slight feelings might begin to develop.

3. Be there for her.

boy caring for the girl he loves

When she needs a friend, be that friend, and give her comfort and happiness. It’s essential if you want to take the friendship to another level.

At a time in our lives, we might have encountered situations that made us need someone to be there and make us feel better in what we’re going through.

You can introduce that into your friendship. The problem with most guys is, they aren’t sensitive to know when a girl needs someone

She might not tell you to your face what’s bordering her at that moment, because she isn’t sure if you mind.

That’s why you should learn and understand her body languages to know when to leave her be and when to put your hand in hers and ask her what’s the matter.

Here, be true and help her out of the matter if you could. When everything gets better, she’ll have you to thank for that and would want to give you a chance.

But if you see her and say “I believe everything will turn out fine” and leave.

Though it’s polite, it’s not enough to make her situation better. And neither will it make you green in her mind.

So buddy, Get closer and have me to thank later.

4. Tell Her She’s Beautiful Even at Her Worst

girl blushing

Most guys commend ladies on how beautiful they appear, doing it mostly when they’re all well-dressed on classy designers looking radiant and on expensive makeup.

Well, not all girls have that opportunity anyway.

So, when you see her in her worst, maybe not perfectly dressed, and not looking radiant like she used to, possibly as a result of stress or being busy with lots of things lately.

Be a nice guy, summon up a smile, look into her eyes and tell her that she’s beautiful. She possibly knows that she’s not looking very proper at that moment.

But you were there to tell her how beautiful she is. That will make her feel loved and appreciated beyond your imagination.

The rest of the day could turn out to be a good one for her, after all, you’ve made her day. She might not tell you actually, but she’ll love you because of such gesture and would look forward to having more time with you.

Moreover, who wouldn’t want to fall in love with a guy that sees her beauty even when she’s in her worst appearance?

These little things that you feel don’t matter are actually where your attention is needed most.

5. Make Her Feel Happy Whenever She’s Sad

boy consoling the girl he loves

Most times, life could be fun and full of joy, but the next minute, it’ll look like everything turned around and those moments of pleasure suddenly disappears.

Now, she could be in that situation and could be battling what you can’t comprehend. She might tend to shut herself out from several activities she was involved. And feel like being alone is the best for her.

But the truth of the whole thing is that it’s not. She needs someone by her side, someone that’ll make the pain stop even when it couldn’t.

You can be that guy, tell her you still care about her, tell her that her state is also your state, and her mood your mood. Tell her you can’t be happy knowing she’s sad.

Be an angel she can’t resist, no matter how hard she is, she’ll eventually open up and tell you what the problem is no matter how dangerous it is.

Allow her to cry in your arms if it gets to that, don’t let her hold back her tears. Studies have shown that, when someone sheds tears emotionally, there’s a more likely chance of the person getting better from the situation.

Just hold her and don’t say a word until she stops. But you shouldn’t let her continue, because that could be harmful to her health.

Then afterward, you can help better the situation if you can. If you can’t, you can advise on a way by which she could.

Try and cheer her up after everything and make her laugh as much as she can. So that when she’s out of it last, your name will surely stick in her head.

6. Be Caring.

boy in love feeding his lover

Call her often to check on her, take her out sometimes and make her feel happy with you around, maybe when you get your time off from work, you can stop in a nearby restaurant and get her lunch if she wants.

Find out about things she likes and do some no matter how little they are, she’ll appreciate you for trying.

Take your time too and meet her friends, be nice to them and let them know your intentions towards her, you never can tell they might help you make it quicker.

Also be kind to her parents if you’ve met them, but if you have not, be loving to whoever is close to her, could be a brother, sister, etc.. that’ll help you a lot in making them like you.

Because once they do, you are a step towards achieving what you want.

7. Make Her Feel Safe.

boy in love holding hands with a girl to make her feel safe

Hey, dude, I’m not saying you join the navy seal, but no girl wants to follow some weakling that can’t have her back.

You should be able to make her feel safe sometimes when you guys encounter a problematic situation, not leaving her to the mercies of whatever is happening.

A girl told me, the reason she decided not to date some guy, was because, he’s too scared of his environment, and feels like he’s going to die if he stepped out.

She said he liked the guy a lot but, that girly attitude of his, turned the whole thing off, and she can’t stand a guy that can’t display manly characters.

Actually, the guy’s hood is a bad one where notorious things happen, but occasionally. But the way he took it, makes it seem like they kill people on a daily basis.

As a guy being too scared wouldn’t make you attractive to any lady. It’s still not a good thing to be unable to stand up to your fears; it causes a lot of harm to your personality.

Because one day you’ll be married and you’ll have your family to protect. If you keep getting scared, you might be leaving your family vulnerable to lots of attacks.

So, let her know you’ve got her back and is willing to stand by her no matter the situation. Most times you don’t need to fight, but there are several smart ways to make a difficult situation turn out well after all.

8. Love Her.

boy showing love to a girl

One more important thing to do is to show her love, make your way known and your interest clear, if possible, fall in love with her. It’s completely OK to do that.

But be careful here, because, falling in love with her, when she’s hesitating to reciprocate, might leave you feeling bad, and you might not find it easy emotionally.

So this part is something you should consider if you choose to do. I advise on it when you’ve noticed positivity as you progress.

9. Be Cozy

partners in love gets cozy

Get cozy with her, introduce intimacy instantly, but do it subtly.

It’s difficult to find a woman that doesn’t want intimacy with her spouse, and don’t think that when you don’t initiate such that she’ll cling longer to you.

The truth is, she might, but she won’t see you as a dating material either. That’s why you need to initiate that so that she can know your intentions already.

Many guys’ imaginary relationships, usually end here, because that is the part they need to make it clear how they feel. But they eventually get scared believing the girl might not like it, thinking it’ll be better if he kept his feelings to himself.

Once the girl waited and didn’t see any sign of that, you now automatically become the long-lasting newest recruit of the friend zone club LOL.  Where you’ll bask and loiter until you get fed up and leave. And might continue that till who knows when.

I’m sure you’ve heard this adage

You don’t tell a girl you want to kiss her, you do it

Initiating a kiss sometimes might be sort of hard, especially if you’re the shy type. That’s why it’ll be better when you’ve created the mood as you both adrenaline is up and pumping.

So, kissing her then will more likely make her want to continue and wonder what took you so long.

Women want you, but it’s usually hard for them to say it.

So, when you get the chance, kiss her and see how she responds. For her to have accepted being close all this while, a kiss wouldn’t make her want to throw you away; instead, she’ll think about it all through the night smiling.

So take note of her situation and the mood, and you’re so good to go.


10. Be Romantic.

boy in love giving flowers to a girl

Hey buddy, add romance, treat her like a queen and make her feel special. Like Rihanna, make her feel like the only girl in the world.

Tell her beautiful things, leave romantic night messages for her,

Buy roses if she likes them, promise to love her with all your heart if she’ll give you a chance. Take her to beautiful places and explore a little with her.

This will leave her mind full of you and the thinking that you’re actually the best thing that have happened to her.

Then for her falling in love with you now is but a stone throw.

So do all this, and you’ll be swimming in the ocean of love sooner, but if after all this, and she still acts like she want to be friends, dude I’ll advise you find your way to another lady who would value the whole thing.

Best of luck.

And don’t forget to tell us how you did.

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