How To Talk To A Girl 9 Easy Ways

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cute guy talking to a girl

Ways By which You Can Easily Talk to A Girl

Most guys find it very difficult talking to girls,

Reasons being,

I’m too scared, I’m too shy, I don’t know what to say, she will not reply well, she’s got a great guy, and I wouldn’t be an option.

The thing is, did she tell you that?

Oh, I don’t think she did because you never did approach her.

Did you?

Nah you didn’t.

So why do the thinking for her?

Some guys are too scared when they want to hit a pretty girl. They want to talk to her.

YES, but how are they going to do it.

They always believe she’s unavailable or out of their league, but the girl might be screaming inside her for a boyfriend. Making you understand that majority of them out there are still super SINGLE.

Waiting for someone to come ask them out.

And you’re also super single, waiting for an angel to tell you when to move. But you know the real gist?

That angel isn’t coming.

So before you quote me, take a look at this,


YES, and I’m entirely sure with what I just said. You don’t have this belief alone, a lot of handsome dudes are on the same queue with you LOL, that’s where confidence now comes in play.

If a hundred guys saw and admired her without making a move, what makes you think she won’t respect you that summoned the courage others lacked?

Before you decide to walk away and continue your long boring life, Follow these steps to put an end to it.

How To Talk To A Girl (9 ways)

1. Summon Up Courage And Be Confident.

confident guy knows how to talk to a girl

This is by far the essential part of the whole process.

Don’t be scared man, stand on your feet and get the girl. Be bold even if you’re not, pretend to be, no one can tell the difference.

Man up!

Imagine someone asking for a proposal from a company and acting all jittery like some kid who came out from the deep freezer, looking like someone that needs lecturing on how to speak and wouldn’t mind smiling and saying “thank you” even if he was spat on the face.

Trust me he’ll be tagged as someone with low self-esteem. Even if they wish to give him the job, they’ve already seen him as a weakling and would gladly order him around as long as they like.

The same applies to how the girl sees you if you behave like the latter. Show your boldness and make it look like you’re the bravest person she has ever met. That alone is sexy and keeps her interest keen.

She’ll want to meet you, though she might not say it at first, you’ve won yourself some of her time just for doing that.

Don’t be that dude that is scared of talking instead, be the guy that’s confident and bold enough to stand up and leave if she isn’t willing to speak with you.

That’s the power of an Alpha Male.

After all, she might not have met a man with that type of guts in a while, so she’ll like to know what fuels you.

Be a man and don’t be afraid to talk.

2. Observe The Situation And Her Mood.

smart guy wants to talk to a girl but is checking her out.

Men need to be careful on this part.

You can’t see a girl sweating while pacing swiftly in the hot sun and want to start throwing glances at her.

The thing is, majority will decline no matter how charming you are. You have to observe and make a move when it’s suitable to avoid been put down. The girl might have had a lot going through her mind and isn’t in a good mood to do that with you,

And it wouldn’t be bad if you steer clear. But, you can meet up with her if you think she’ll give you the attention, but you should excuse yourself if the conversation gets heated.

That alone keeps you out of embarrassment, and she’ll also see you as a gentleman who understood her mood and gave her the space she deserved. That might go a long way if you both happen to meet again.

So, if you see her some other time? Your luck. If you don’t, there are others who are eager to have dinner with you.

So watching out for every situation is vital, and it sure goes a long way in making you know when and when not to make that move.

3. Start A Conversation.

pretty girl admiring a guy that knows how to talk

One of the ways of getting her talk is by starting a wonderful conversation.

Her hair, her eyes more or less her outfit.

You might not know her to compliment like,

“Wow you look wonderful but the most amazing is your confident look.” 

Now she knows she’s pretty but might not know she looked confident and it took a stranger to tell her.

She’s now keen with interest and will like to know more; if you don’t see this one fit, you might observe her hair or her eyes and drop a comment she possibly might not have heard.

“You are beautiful I like your hair.”

That being nice, but she probably heard it from a hundred guys making yours not different from theirs
So what are you going to do?


4. Be Different.

cute girl enjoying talk time with a guy

Add more juice to your proposed statement, you can say,

“Your hair looks long you must be good in fashion, the style complements your stunning outlook.”

Note I said complement that should let her know the hair is but a completion not the total source of her beauty.

That could buy you some time, and always ensure you have some backup words. So it wouldn’t look like you came to the table with just the hair thing.

As the conversation gets better and better, you can relax and know a bit about her, but don’t ask too many questions.

Make sure you don’t rush, take a quiet deep breath if you think you’re losing your balance remember she’s just a girl you just met.

Mind, you don’t keep repeating the things you’ve said over and over, this is considered a huge turn-off.

Try and make her enjoy your company, take pride in yourself and make her know she’s talking with a self-esteemed guy.

5. Smile.

handsome guy smiling

There are many ways she’ll find you attractive at first sight, smiling being one of them.

A girl told me that she was unhappy that the guy she spent three hours talking to, left without taking her number.

I asked if the guy was that cute that made her want to wild out, but she said it isn’t just his cuteness, that the most attractive feature the guy possessed was his smile.

That she lost her balance whenever he smiles at her.

Believe me no one wants to gaze at the face of a soldier running into battle and find it attractive.

I don’t know how your smile looks but am yet to meet someone who isn’t attractive smiling.

You can frown later but summon up a smile that should at least make her comfortable. The best memory she should have about you shouldn’t be that of a lion’s gaze.

6. Look Her In The Eyes.

bold guy admiring a pretty girl by looking her in the eyes

Men should try and do this for their good.

That’s one of the things that makes a man dominant and bold, don’t shy away look her in the eyes,

Let her look elsewhere if she’s shy, but you have to maintain and possess that supreme power, this is one primary thing girls find attractive in men. They see it as a sign of strength

It doesn’t make them lose their balance only; they tend to fall easier at your request when you make eye contacts than when you avoid looking at them directly.

Remember you don’t have to be the most handsome, but this simple display of dominance and power ranks you above a lot of men she has met.

7. Make Her Laugh.

funny guy playing with a beautiful girl

Remember you don’t have to be Kevin Hart, but managing a few jokes to keep the light burning wouldn’t be wrong. You can learn a few if you want to.

But if you’re not good with jokes, I believe there’s something you can still find interesting in the course of the conversation.

Note, some jokes can be funny, but be careful of the jokes you make around her. Trust me; no girl wants to hear jokes abusively directed to womanhood.

Even though you’re right, she’s still a woman and wouldn’t like someone making crude jokes regarding her gender.

So keep the jokes coming bro, but be careful about the things you say.

8. Be Gentle And Quick.

gentle guy talking to a girl

Remember not to spend the whole moment talking irrelevance, like most guys will talk and talk, boring the poor girl with the entire conversation, and she’d eagerly find a means to excuse herself from the nightmare the dude has created.

The point is to get her number so be gentle, but make the conversation snappy. Remember she hasn’t got the whole day and the quicker you are, the more likely it’ll be to hear from her again.

The possibility of a girl picking your calls and returning lies on the impression you created at first.

If you guys had a nice talk time, she’d want to talk to you again. But when you were boring, she’ll think that’s what you also want to do on the phone, and wouldn’t want to give that privilege of adding more boredom to her life.

So think bro, how will you also feel if someone bores you and wants to continue from where he stopped on the phone?

Trust me you wouldn’t want your phone to ring with him being the caller. Lighten up and see how good you’ll go.

9. Get The Number And Dash Out.

beautiful girl giving a guy her number

She’s already comfortable to an extent, so she’ll give you the number. Take it, smile and leave.  That’ll leave her wanting for more and anticipating for your call already.

She might tell her friends about this charming guy she met today and how she’s eagerly waiting for you to call.

I believe if you do these listed processes, it wouldn’t be that difficult talking to that girl you’ve always admired.

Wish you the best of luck as you ride.

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