5 Easy Ways To Kiss a Girl For The First Time

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Kissing a girl for the first time can be quite challenging and amazing.
It’s a common phenomenon that an established cliché makes it easier for a kiss to happen sooner. As women love kissing and would want to have it with a guy they like.

But you’ll need to find out if she’d ready to have that kiss since you’re quite sure she’s really into you.

But how will you know if she’s prepared?

Women, are quite patient and disciplined on this part. As they would choose not to let you know they want the kiss already.
They believe it’s your responsibility to figure it out, while they gradually follow and maybe open doors to more blissful fantasies.

But to you, it could be challenging, as wild thoughts run through your mind. Whether she’s going to like it or not.
It’s all right to have such feelings anyways. As a matter of fact, if you don’t go for the kiss at the right time, it might be more awkward than you could have possibly imagined.

Many ladies want to establish a connection before sharing the bond with you.
Therefore, necessary practices should be taken here to ensure both parties involved in the kisses are both comfortable and ready for it.

Now, here’s how to know when to go for the kiss

1. When she begins to come closer than usual

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When she’s starting to know you, there may be possibilities of her not wanting to kiss you yet. In other words, she might be a little distant from you.
She’s trying to hold her defenses, avoiding doing anything she’s isn’t yet ready .

You could notice that when she edges out whenever you attempt to come too close. Don’t feel bad, and she could like you, but want to take things slowly. But when she stops being distant and starts drawing closer and wants to spend more quality time with you. Then It could be the right time to go for the kiss.

Reasons being she’s already comfortable with you, and could be thinking it, but make sure the environment is favorable to avoid discomforting feelings.
And more importantly, it is essential you go for it as she could be anticipating it already.
Women are patient, but when they run out of it, they lose hope on the guy and possibly friendzone him.

She could wait for the first day, and if nothing happens, she would be willing to give you another chance on the second day. But if you resort to doing nothing again, she could eventually get tired and bored.

And when it goes far more than expected without any sign of the kiss, she will forget about the feelings and move on — seeing you as just a friend and nothing more.
And be careful because the friendzone is one hell of a place you wouldn’t want to be

Read here if you’re yet to be certain she really likes you and wants the kiss

2. When she continually stares at your lips

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She could want the kiss already if she stares at your lips the whole time if you paid closer attention.
Maybe she says you’ve got adorable lips. That is also a great sign that she wants to kiss you, and wants to wait no further.

Women use beautiful words to commend a guy they like and would gladly give him enough signals as long as he gets them.
Touching her lips is another one, don’t think she’s getting something off it, she’s doing it for you. And it’s about time you give her that warm, satisfying kiss.

3. She Licks Her Lips Often While Looking At You

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Noticed her licking her lips often? That could also be an excellent sign for you to go for the kiss. She’s ready for it and needs you to come to bury it already.
But being careful should be an essential factor here, as she could be used to licking her lips most of the time. And sending you a signal could be what she’s not doing.

4. When she comfortable touching.

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A lot of ladies are sensitive to touches and quickly know when a guy is going extreme. If she likes you, she can let you hold her hands while walking around, but mind, she can do that easily with her male friends too, meaning that’s not a guarantee that she wants a kiss.

But when the touches have gone beyond holding hands, maybe she let you keep her also wait, then, you’ve got yourself a green button right there.

5. She Spends Time With You Alone

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When she’s comfortable staying with you alone, it could be a great time to go for the kiss. Watch out for her body language also, when you’re sitting very close by her side or lying beside her on the bed.

If she doesn’t move away from you or complains, then that’s a good time to go for it.

When you get touchy, and she appears to not mind no matter how long you’ve held or touched her, that’s is a good sign too.

But ensure you stick to her hand or hair only, as going beyond that could be a bit too far, unless she’s responding to the touches.
Stick to the former as it makes them feel more comfortable and safer.

Now, This Is How You Should Kiss

Before initiating the kiss, make sure you appear decent and look good. Brush your teeth properly and make sure your lips aren’t dried or cracked, lick your mouth often to keep it softer than usual.

When with her, relax and keep your cool, be romantic and say beautiful words that would make her smile or blush.

When it appears like she’s having a good time, get closer and lean towards her nicely, be sure you don’t do it awkwardly as she would instantly back off even though she wants it.

Try and make body contacts with your sidearm touching hers. Spend a little talk time then make a move by mildly touching her hands and partly caressing her hair. Then you can look into her eyes and tell her how beautiful she is. In that process, you can lean closer and go for the kiss.

Embracing the beautiful moment your lips’ meets passionately, holding her waist firmly as you let the overwhelming magic of nature and connective power of romance run across your mind and body as you kiss her like you’re born to do it.

Ensure the kiss is mild and gentle and lay off using the tongue for now. The kiss should last for a few seconds, say eight.
And watch how the rest will unfold.
Now, if you’re still scared to go for the kiss, I believe you know what to do now.
Best of luck.

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