Why you are still Single. ( LADIES)

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Reasons Why You’re Still Very Single.


Have you ever wondered why you are still very single, despite how cute and charming you are?

Whereas your friends you’re much better physically and facially than, are all in serious relationships.

Oh! you recently got a wedding invitation from Christabel, and she’s one hell of a personnel you never thought will get married before you.

As a lady, have you been wondering why you don’t have much attention from guys, or when you do, they don’t tend to stay long.

You keep asking yourself what the hell is going on. Why am I still single? What exactly  are the other ladies doing that I can’t.

The truth is, they might not be cuter than you or  they could be.  but believe me, that’s not the real reason why you’re still single. Christabel too might not have what it takes when it comes to comparing your physical appearance.


But the thing is, those ladies know what to do to get that guy they want. 


But you’re lacking on that part. that’s just the simple truth of the whole thing.

Don’t worry I’m here to show you possible things you’re probably doing that’s still making your single status clearer, and the necessary things that you should try out and change your stories for better.

Everybody has a life and no one wants to spend the rest of his or her life single.

Believe me it hurts to be lonely, it’ll definitely get to a point whereby you’ll need someone in your life, you’ll need closure, compassion, love. And it’ll be very difficult to achieve that if you’re still clinging on your single status.

So watch out for this signs if you exhibit them it’s time to take a new path.


1. You’re Probably Too Proud.

Maybe that’s a factor you are really not considering, but it could be that you portray this kind of attitude and believe me it’s quite repelling, and it’s not going to do your single status any good.

When you have the feeling that you’re too big to pick or return a guy’s call. Or you don’t want being seen hanging out with a guy that doesn’t match your class.

To you it doesn’t matter after all he doesn’t deserve you. You’re a big girl and people do marvel at your astonishing beauty whenever you pass by.

Honey you need to take a chill pill and know that that’s not how the world works.

If you’re too big to notice him, another girl might show him that love and it means you’ve missed out on that great guy and the world haven’t got much of them.

Take down your pride and give him your number. If he calls, answer.

Lucky you, he might be that kind of guy you’ve always wanted.

Most guys don’t think twice one they know a girl is proud. They’ll just leave you be. and who knows how long you’ll continue doing that without knowing you’re the major cause of your unsolved problem.

Take some time and work on yourself, being too proud doesn’t do you good, but humility and virtue can take you a long way.




2. Waiting for The Perfect Guy.

Are you among the crew waiting for Mr. perfect?  Oh I think we know better now that such things like the perfect guy barely exists.

Perhaps you want a guy that’s so complete that finding a trace of imperfection in him should be almost impossible.

Maybe I should wait on my balcony to see if I can find any passing by and ask him to hop in, LOL.

Don’t wait for the perfect guy my dear, that guy that has been hitting on you for long time might be the supposed man for you.

That he doesn’t have a Rolls Royce yet doesn’t mean he might not acquire one sometime in the near future.

That guy you’re crushing on that has everything to his name, might not give you that attention if you date him.

The important thing is finding a guy with vision and grow with him. Believing in him and his dreams.

I Once knew a lady that wanted an already established perfect guy she’ll venture into a relationship with.

Fortunately, she found one that has everything she wanted.

I gradually paid attention as she said the guy promised they’ll wed in a couple of months and how she was so happy to have finally met the man of her life.

Not that I wasn’t happy with her, but I was a bit concerned because according to her, they only met two months ago.

I tried talking to her but she was so blinded by love that she wasn’t interested in what I had to say, I then shrug off and wished her luck.

They continued their relationship until it hit a road block, unknown to her, the house the guy was living in wasn’t his, it was actually placed on mortgage by the guy’s friend.

So bottom line, half of the stories he told her where all lies. The cars, gifts and all he was showing off were but someone else’s.

They actually belonged to some rich guy who was into real estate and the boyfriend was just the errand boy taking care of the property.

When she came crying to me, I didn’t know what to tell her. I just consoled her and told her to move on.

Don’t let the things you see blind you, remember all that glitters are not gold.

Choose a good man and love him, the favor will surely return someday.




3. Maybe You Aren’t Taking Care of Yourself.

Well do I really need to talk about this?  I think a guy can spot a dirty girl from a distance and to an extent they’re pretty unattractive.

Come on, no one wants to have a girl that has a rotten fish kinda smell when it comes to the v-region.

If you have this ideology that any guy that likes you will want you despite how unattractive and dirty you are, I might suggest that you stop thinking like that and better yourself.

Take care of yourself especially your looks. Looks is but one of the many things that attracts you to guys.

Make your hair look nice and attractive, wear those clothes that fits you and gives you confidence.

Smell nice and appealing.

Are you too stern that whenever a guy looks at you he feels like keeping his face straight and avoid this military looking kinda lady.

Smile more often. Smile naturally sends signals that you’re not the shrew type. And it makes guys want to talk to you more often.

Not only taking care of your body, take care of your apartment too because no guy wants to see roaches crawling around your room on the first day of visiting nor the droppings of your pets,

Keep your bathroom clean too. Dude might want to pee.

A neat girl is not just what men like it’s also what they admire and respect. So do your ditches ladies and let us do the admiration.



4. Thinking Every Guy Wants Your Body.

I once came to a shopping mall, to get some items. I noticed by the left corner of the mall the receptionist sat and was attending to one of the customers.

As I was about leaving, I heard her snap at the man instantly and dropped one ridiculous comment.


‘’You men are all the same. Just say that you want to get into my pants’’


I have learnt, that it isn’t good to constantly stare at people especially when they’re embarrassed. it usually makes the feelings more devastating and such a situation might make them act without thinking.

I gently whispered something in the customer’s ears. Him, being a sensible man understood and left.

The other, was when I was in high school, there’s this girl I always liked to the point that any day we’re going to meet I’ll travel almost 30 miles to meet her. We’ll talk, laugh and be happy.

The thing is she don’t want to date me she’s thinking all I ever wanted was her body.

I then thought to myself maybe she doesn’t like me to date me, but I later learnt from her friends that she’s been like that her whole life after she had a serious heartbreak.

It affected her to the point she believes every guy that wants her only cares for her body and nothing more.

I wouldn’t say it her fault that she’s that way, yes people has passed through several lots and its usually difficult to step out of.

But a situation whereby that attitude is constantly portrayed it will eventually hold them back in life and they’ll continue to feel alienated. which might get to the point they become depressed and end up making the wrong choice.

What’s your reasons for not wanting that guy? Tell him how you feel, am sure if he loves you, you’ll know. and he wouldn’t want to play with your heart.

Not every guy wants sex from you. Some might like you naturally and would want to be part of your life.

But when you keep shutting them out because of your past experience, you’ll be eventually missing out on great guys and you might end up regretting that in the near future.

So take your time and love, remember life is just once.



5. Being Too Concerned with Work.

Well am not going to say that you don’t take your work seriously, but do you think you’re taking it too far?

Have you missed someone’s date because you haven’t laid out tomorrow’s and NeXTs’ work schedule, after all it’s one of your policies.

Are you so in love with your work that you’ve never given time to that nice guy that has been on your neck for just a cup of coffee.

Are you so concerned about the brokers in your company’s radar, while forgetting the gentleman outside with a bunch of flowers waiting to say Hi?

Darling, there’s no man that’s wants to marry some lady who’s lazy. But there’s also no man who wants to marry some girl who loves work more than their relationship.

Take some time out and explore, hang out with friends and partners,

Take your work seriously, but never let it twat your plans for yourself.

One of my friends came complaining to me how the girlfriend was always busy at work and never have time for him nor remember when last they saw each other.

He complained to an extent and then decided to quit the relationship.

Funny the girl didn’t know he moved out of his apartment, until she called one certain time to know if the mail man he sent to the house has arrived.

Receiving no answer from the house, he tried calling the mailman instead, only to find out the house has been empty for days and already been placed on mortgage.

That was when she decided to call the boyfriend after about a week of no calls nor messages.

I think if you’re the guy in question you wouldn’t find it pleasing.

So take your time and don’t let work jeopardize that which will bring you joy.



6. Showing of Your Wealth.

Yes, it isn’t bad to be ambitious as a lady and have properties to your name.

Making money is fine, it makes life easier as a matter of fact.

To an extent also, it’s fine to be proud of the things you’ve acquired and be merry about them.

After all, “hard work pays”.

But there’s an extent you might take it and it wouldn’t be helping. Remember, you’re still single.

Driving the latest car in town, wouldn’t make you unattractive, but a guy that don’t have a bicycle to his name might not have the guts to talk to you in a Ferrari.

Some will say he’s not man enough, but the truth is most men believe that women with such catchy display of wealth would be controlling in the relationship.

They believe, such woman would do whatever she wants and wouldn’t mind what the boyfriend thinks.

After all, she’s richer.

This, actually might not be true because it isn’t bad to drive a Bugatti if you have the money, but the guys tend to think the other way round.

So does it mean you’ll abandon your beautiful cars because of some guy that is scared of talking? NO

So what’s the best,


Be nice, don’t be rude nor harsh. Show respect and give honor to whom its due, be that rich humble girl, and smile a lot.  Then watch out how those great sets of guys will adore and seek your attention greatly.

Just try it girl and thank me later.



7. Still Thinking About Your Ex?

Has he moved on? Then It’s time for you too to move on. Let him be.

He’s finally living his life without you, which means you can live yours without him.

When you spend all day thinking about your ex, or looking for possible ways by which you guys might get back together, you limit the opportunities that you could have easily made you find love again

Most times we know that exes find it hard sometimes leaving each other, especially when they recently broke up.

But continuing living in each other’s shadows will make matters worse.

A girl once told me she doesn’t see herself loving another guy since her Ex left her and has been like that for 3 years.

Funny, the ex in question recently got married with a kid, while the girl is still hanging around, hoping on the impossible.

If you take some time and observe the situation, you’ll know that it’ll be rather difficult to date a girl like that. Because there’s a possibility she’ll want her Ex again if he chooses to come back.

So are you one of those girls that don’t want to move on after suffering a heart break? Maybe you should reconsider and start living again.

Who knows, your Mr. right might be closer than you think. And you can’t live your future if you’re not willing to let go off the past.



8. Having Nothing To Offer In The Relationship But Sex

Sex sometimes is necessary in most relationships, but having it as the only thing to offer in a relationship could crash it easily.

In fact, most guys want their girlfriends to have a few things to bring to the table. you really don’t need to foot his bills, but he’ll be happy to know you have something doing on your own.

Even when he feels the job is too stressful for you, he still finds it attractive that you have a zealous spirit and is ready to face your ambition.

If you don’t have a job yet, let him know you have a purpose and is passionate towards your dreams, men like it when their women displays such qualities. maybe they might help you achieve it.

Provided it isn’t detrimental to you and your relationship.

But, when you stay at home doing nothing, and having only sex to offer, that might keep him for sometime but you’ll eventually loose him sooner than you think.

Learned/successful men alike fancy the skilled/ambitious ladies too.

So work on yourself, am sure you have something you’re passionate about, maybe its time to crack it open.



9. Your Character.

Character, behavior, attitude etc. you don’t have to be the best behaved lady in the whole neighborhood, but trust me, no guy wants to date a girl with a bad character.

Work on yourself if you have some flaws that’s isn’t worth taking home.  Remember it could be one of the reasons keeping you single.

And most people might not tell you to your face that your character is irritating, rather they’ll find means to excuse themselves from you.

So take your time and do the needful. I believe in no time, you’ll find that partner and enjoy the fun of your relationship. Best of luck as you progress.


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